Trump Dedicates Nov. 1 to ‘Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens’

We have seen Trump make some pretty legendary moves during this election cycle, but this one will truly hit home with patriots.

Trump has decided to make November 1, 2020, a day of remembrance.

This is something that surely will not sit well with Democrats, especially considering it is for victims who were killed by illegal immigrants.

Day of Remembrance

I can already hear the cries of racism by the left over this dedication, but that will only expose just how much the left hates this country.

The move by Trump to officially call for a day of remembrance for these victims is something that will motivate his base and have everyone riled up for election day…

Border Wall Progress

So far, the Trump administration claims to have built 400 miles of “new” border wall.

Now, some of this is replacement for weaker barriers that were already in place, but there is no arguing the fact our borders are far more secure today than they were only four years ago.

If Trump had cooperation from Democrats, we would probably have significantly more, but we will take what we can get at this point.

Sadly, the more secure borders we enjoy today will disappear almost overnight if Joe Biden gets into office.

Every illegal in this country will get a path to citizenship and Biden has already stated he will halt all border wall projects on his first day in office.

This day of remembrance only highlights how just important it is that we do not let Joe Biden get his hands on the keys to the White House.

November 3… there is ONLY one choice.

Source: Washington Examiner

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