REPORT: Trump Documents Included Foreign Nuclear Secrets

The nothing burger that appeared to be the case in the FBI raid against Trump may have just taken a significant turn for the worse for the former president.

The Washington Post, again citing anonymous sources, offered insight into some of the classified documents that were removed from Trump’s home.

If the report is accurate, it significantly raises the seriousness of the indictment I expect to come against Trump.


One of the reasons Trump’s legal team had requested the Special Master is because it was worried that the DOJ would selectively leak different aspects of the investigation to paint Trump in a more negative light.

That appears to be what is happening here.

The WaPo report cited its sources as confirming that some of the documents that were removed from Trump’s home contained foreign government military defense and nuclear capabilities.

This is a huge problem for Trump in the court of public opinion.

There was simply no reason for him to have these documents for his library, memoir, or any other reason that he could possibly come up with to explain their presence.

Even though the FBI reportedly took more than 11,000 documents, there were less than 200 that fell into classified territory.

Many of those were lower level, so most people were shaking this off as nothing more than a political attack against the former president.

If these documents were among the documents that Trump took, they could start to sway people’s opinions on the matter.

We will continue to monitor this and report any new developments in the case.

Source: New York Post

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41 Responses

    1. If you don’t have a valid case, leak some lies and let the public view convict him. No need to prove anything.

    1. I agree the FBI most likely planted material they knew would catch peoples attention. The whole reason for all this caniving is to keep Trump from running for office in 2024.

    2. I agree !!! If they found things that could get him in trouble I guarantee they were planted. That is the reason they would not allow Trumps attorneys in to watch the search.

      1. There should be NO reason that his lawyer couldn’t be present AND forced to shut down their own home security cameras if they had nothing to hide and was aboveboard! Shame on the FBI kowtowing to this disgraceful spectacle. They’ve never had much respectibility but now they are a disgrace!!! Where’s Comey and McCabe’s jail time justice for their traitorous actions?

  1. Lets see, the people in the know should be the DOJ and the FBI. So if either have leaked such info, it’s ground for termination and potentially prosecution. Most anonymous sources are people speculating, not in the know. My guess is that it is a bunch of bull once again. The speculation won’t be verified one way or the other until after the election just like H. Biden’s laptop. That’s when we’ll find the true story. It’s like Pelosi say, tell a lie about someone, the press will publish it and then it becomes gospel. And, the individual is smeared by the lie. She spreads these untrue bombs all of the time. I’ve seen her on video explaining how to do it to other Dems.

  2. I think it was planted, or it’s out of date or not really important. It’s going to be difficult to prove it was a plant unless a whistler comes forth.

    1. I don’t think it needs to be proven that it was a plant I think the corrupt FBI has to prove it was not a plant !!!!

  3. President Trump keeps setting traps for the corrupt FBI and DOj and their lawyers, and they just keep stepping into it deeper and deeper! That’s how stupid they are! I also would never believe anything from the Washington Post! We don’t know whether the files were planted by the FBI or if they took what they claimed to have taken. And, why the hell are there still leaks from the FBI at this point? Every time there is a “nothingburger” and the case nearly collapses, along comes another anonymous leak! Coincidence?

  4. I will not believing a word of any leaked information at all. I will believe what is true and proven in a lawful unbiased court of law in a jurisdiction that does not have the deck stacked one way or the other. Then and only then and based solely upon legitimate evidence will I believe this billionaire America loving President has done anything wrong. Until that day comes I will stand with my President and continue to support him in any way I can.

  5. President Trump did not get where he is today by being stupid. In the past six years, the democrats have spent more than one-hundred-million dollars of taxpayers’ money investigating him, and each time they have come-up with nothing burgers. There are not too many people on this planet that could stand-up to these kinds of investigations year after year and still come out without a scratch.

  6. And I suppose that they’ll call me a conspiracy theorist in relation to nuclear documents if I used the word “planted.” This would explain the lack of transparency and none of Trump’s legal staff being able to accompany the FBI during their “search.” It would only take one or two people to do that.

  7. How do you know these so-called “documents” were not “planted” in the RAID? After all, PRESIDENT TRUMP has been under constant attack by the members of the “deep state wealthy elite CABAL”, the DNC, FRAUD obama , the Clinton’s, some members of the GOP, and the corrupt “alphabet agencies”, since he started EXPOSING all their nefarious PLANS of intentions to destroy this country to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, as well as also refused to become a “participant” in THEIR “good old boys” club.

  8. hmmm. Let’s see. He has documents about the nuclear capabilities of “Foreign Nations”. Big whoop. That has nothing to do with America. Just the left trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  9. If anything like that was “found” in the documents that were seized, I wonder how many FBI agents it took to plant them. Too many questionable behaviors by FBI raiders to believe they weren’t up to something corrupt. Raided when Trump absent; wanted security cameras turned off (if they had nothing to hide, they shouldn’t have cared about the cameras); seized boxes of documents under attorney/client privilege (illegal), etc.

  10. This is election year Bull Manure that is designed to keep your focus on Trump and off of the disastrous Buyden Administration. Instead of talking about inflation, the rocky economy, fuel prices, the border, the Democrats want to talk about Trump. I can guarantee you that whatever un-named source is providing this crap is the same manure that Adam Schiff was spreading about Russian Collusion by claiming they had the goods on Trump but couldn’t talk about it. Since that time, Adam Schiff proved he was full of Schiff and a liar. If a Democrat’s mouth is moving, they are lying. Why fall for their crap again?

  11. Considering how politicized the FBI/DOJ is and has been in the past, I consider this revelation just more bull sh*t from a corrupt administration. I have always thought the swamp would indict the former president on bogus charges/made up charges, and while this just confirms my opinion, it remains to be seen if he is ever convicted – I think not. Of course, this will be a protracted affair designed to discredit, perhaps to even take Trump off the ballet and carry on through not only the mid-terms, but right into the 2024 election cycle. I have always said there will be a “hail-Mary” and the Left will play this for all they’re worth. It would appear I was correct.

  12. Whether or not President Trump decides to run again, he’s shown Americans how great we can be when there is a strong leader in the White House who will not run away from the public, hide from the lying biased press, present a determined uncompromising front to those who’d rather spew hate against us on the one hand but slither up to us for a handout. President Trump showed no fear making the unpopular decisions to forcing our enemies do right and who had the soldiers behind him because he stood strong for them. President Trump a true American. He proved with every stroke of his pen that he was in office for the people to improve American lives and strengthen our position in the world with a stronger military, stronger economy and that public officials can make promises and keep them. GOD bless President Trump.

  13. I believe they did find the documents there, but NOT for the reason, they leaked. This is all a faked set-up. How can anyone believe anything the FBI says they found in the boxes they removed WHEN Trump’s attorney, Housekeepers & the Secret Service that was stationed there to watch the house WERE NOT ALLOWED TO BE PRESENT DURING THE SEARCH? What was to stop the fbi from Planting ANY Evidence they wanted to find? We already know they faked the pictures of documents on the floor. Now it’s reported they took his entire Medical Records & Tax Returns also this just keeps getting more & more staged.

  14. I don’t know anyone who trusts the FBI or what they represent anymore. If you don’t think so, just candidly ask a friend of yours if they trust them anymore and why, I think you will be surprised at their answers.

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