Trump Drops Bombshell Regarding Taliban Weapons Cache

Ever since the Taliban captured Bagram Air Base, I have been stating the battlefield was leveled in favor of the Taliban.

One of the biggest advantages we have had during this conflict has been our night-vision capabilities, which has now been forfeited.

Trump seems to agree, telling Fox News that “night fighting” will now become part of the Taliban’s arsenal.

Greatest Embarrassment

The more than $80 billion in equipment left behind at Bagram is going to go a long way with the Taliban.

The terrorists were given a massive weapon and ammunition cache as well as the ability to have a small air force.

Whatever they don’t keep, they will probably sell to the Chinese and/or Russians to fund their operations.

Seeing the actions of the Taliban since we left, there seems to be little doubt we will have to go back at some point.

Trump touched base on all these recently with Fox News.

The former president stated, “We look like we surrendered. We look like we ran.

“We had F-35 fighter jets – the greatest in the world – and they had knives.”

Many media outlets are showing the destroyed and/or disabled equipment from Kabul, but there was so much left at Bagram, the Taliban actually had a parade with it.

Trump stated, “They didn’t disable any equipment.

“The equipment is perfect – and if it is not absolutely perfect, it will be fixed, very, very quickly, probably by China or Russia.”

During Trump’s time in office, he spent significant taxpayer money to get our military back up to par.

On that, he stated, “They gave a lot of it to the Taliban, and the Taliban doesn’t need all of it, so they are sending a lot of the most sophisticated stuff to China and Iran and they’re sending it to Russia – to re-engineer.”

The Trump administration’s deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia, former U.S. Army Col. Heino Klinck, also chimed in.

He stated, “It is not just about reverse engineering.

“Oftentimes, that implies that whoever is doing that is going to want to reproduce the item.

“This is also about finding technical vulnerabilities to enhance their own indigenously produced systems.”

Klinck continued, “Being able to technically exploit our night-vision devices would give China an opportunity to enhance their own.”

Terrifying… absolutely terrifying, and it all could have been prevented if Joe Biden had an ounce of common sense.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

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  3. Why do I have to scroll through all the lies, all the spam, all the scammers to get to the comment box. Surely you can stop them…. if you wanted to.
    Of course we need President Trump back in the white house, he’s not a coward or an idiot which is more than I can say about anybody in the biden regime!

  4. We should tell the Talilban that we want our equipment back, and if they won’t give it to us, we will bomb the crap out of it all. If you take it home, we will bomb your home.!
    Would that work??

    1. It will not be done by this administration. This administration is in bed with both China and Russia. Bet on it. The actions the Biden administration took to pull out of Afghanistan was planned. Biden wanted us to fail, and we sure did. Liberals need to wake up. America is being sold out. PERIOD.

  5. Just think, Talibiden is giving the Taliban an additional 64 Million Dollars of our money and the Taliban is complaining its not enough! El Presidente Talibiden HO HO HO! How Damn Stupid can one person be!

  6. The whole of the demoncrapic dungbeetle party are traitors, and General Milly just proved it. He should be brought up on charges of treason for aiding and abetting our enemies, especially China. Who does that to a sitting President and OUR great country? He and Piglosi need to be charged along with a lot of other democraps for Treason, and should be executed by law for said Treason!!!!!!!

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  8. Numb Nuts is just getting richer and is destroying our country in exchange for our country! They are already moving in and the next war will be on us soil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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