Trump Ends Speculation in Alabama… Endorses Mo Brooks

With Senator Shelby (R-AL) retiring, we knew there was a very good chance multiple Trump allies would run for the seat.

That was exactly the case, with both Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) and a former ambassador during the Trump administration, Lynda Blanchard, running for the seat, the big question was which one would garner the support of Trump.

That speculation has been ended, as Trump has put the full weight of his influence behind Rep. Brooks.

We Like Mo

The move to pick Brooks over Blanchard more than likely had a lot to do with name recognition.

Above all else, Trump is going to make sure he backs candidates that can win, and Brooks should be able to do that.

Brooks has been active in Alabama politics since 1982, when he won his Alabama State House seat for the first time.

In 1996, Brooks transitioned over the Madison County Commission, where he served until he won his congressional seat in 2010.

Republicans should have no problem at all keeping his House set red, but they cannot afford to risk the election in the Senate with a lesser-known candidate.

Brooks was also a firm supporter of Trump’s throughout the presidency and beyond, so Trump giving him the thumbs up was almost expected at this point.

Trump, in endorsing Brooks, stated, “Mo Brooks has my Complete and Total Endorsement for the U.S. Senate representing the Great State of Alabama. He will never let you down!”

Trump’s top adviser, Stephen Miller, who is deeply rooted in the Alabama political scene, also endorsed Brooks.

Miller stated, “I can tell you from firsthand experience that the White House and the president considered Mo an invaluable ally during the entirety of the Trump administration, and that Mo has been an unyielding fighter on behalf of President Trump and the Trump agenda and the values that we all share.”

I know some in the Republican Party, such as Lindsey Graham, want Trump to stay out of primaries and allow this to all play out, but I like the strategy of identifying candidates early and building as much momentum as possible heading into the general election.

Source: Fox News

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17 Responses

  1. Whom ever President Trump endorses I too shall back. Forget the NRC and the other Conservative groups who calls or sends you mail asking for money. I will ONLY donate DIRECTLY to the candidates that my President backs. I suggest that all of you do the same.

      1. We need doer’s not talkers.we no the problem let’s start doing something.So we can make American Great Again.

    1. Mo Brooks was the very first House Rep. to speak out and FIGHT Election Fraud like shaming the Devil. Alabama’s lucky to have such a leader. He’s got the courage and a tenacious spirit that’s imperative to save our nation. We can all see Joe Biden is a dumpster fire. Mo Brooks is a man who can accomplish what’s necessary to stop the destruction of our Constitution, our freedom and our economy. He’s proud to Make America Great AGAIN.

  2. I thank God for Presidents Trump’s involvement and his endorsement. America was doing so well under President Trump and his administration. Now look at America. The very nation that God so generously and freely blessed us with is now being trampled upon. We cannot let this Democrat Government take over our one Nation Under God. Is this how we thank and show our appreciation to God by destroying honesty, integrity, strength, dishonoring our Constitution, allowing voters fraud to happen in a Presidential Election of all things. Let me say I shouted out voters fraud in my own living room when I heard it announced on the news of mail in voting. I knew then and spoke the truth to my family when I said did yall just hear that, mail in voting, just watch there is going to big big time cheating going on and that’s before Trump uttered a word. I already knew and I was right. I’ve had enough. I’m 65 yrs old and I’ve never seen America in such a disaster as I see it now. Some say they didn’t like the way Trump said things, well I did and I do. That’s how you have to talk to dishonest people. You call them out at their own game and Democrat’s are scared to death of him because they know he is more than capable of exposing their dirty dishonest works. I want AMERICA🇺🇸 the Free, One Nation Under God brought back. Let’s get rid of the evil, the corrupt, the dishonest, the greedy and all powerful because there is only one who holds all the power, all the love and thats God himself. Now God’s words are being trampled upon. His word is being ignored and if this continues our Nation will fall. Mark my word!!

    1. You know, the real big satisfaction I am getting right now is that I know several people who, for the last 4 years said they hated President Trump well guess what?? Now ALL OF THEM are singing a different tune and are saying that they regret voting for Biden and that they now wish that they had voted for President Trump. I sit back and just say, “SEE, I TOLD YOU”….

    2. You are exactly right. I received a mail in ballot, I shredded it and went to vote where I always vote. Of coarse I voted for President Trump. Anything that Nasty Nancy has to do with it I new I would not do!

    3. Your spot on, even Trump said prior to the voting exactly what was going to happen. I am 73 and a vet ,a patriot and a Christian and WHITE ,neither of which I am ashamed of.

  3. I have said time and again that I believe in President Trump and would never support anyone he does not endorse, with either my vote (if possible) or my money. The RNC is right to be worried that the President will draw financial support away from them. I refuse to give my money to the RNC and will only give to the individual candidates or to the Senate Conservatives Fund or the House Conservatives Fund. The RNC lost me when they refused to take Liz Cheney out of leadership positions. Even after her own State censured her. I don’t believe in cancel culture but I do believe in letting our ELECTED officials know when they are not representing the people who they work for

  4. I have been n the Trump Train in Alabama I will work for President
    Trump again when he gets ready
    And I will work for Mo Brooks
    When he is ready.
    Make America Great Again…

  5. If we EVER forget that we are “one nation UNDER God”, we will be one nation GONE UNDER. President Reagan spoke that mighty truth!!! God blesses OBEDIENCE. If we think we can flagrantly disobey Him, we are more than foolish. He has been SOO gracious to us– are we stupid????

  6. No monies for RNC who shares with Rinos!! Donate to Trump only approved candidates!!!! Please continue guiding us to Which candidates Mr President, Donald J. Trump, lead the way!!!

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