Trump Enemy Thune Says Taking Over for McConnell Factored into Re-Election Decision

Donald Trump may now have a significant obstacle to overcome if he decides to run for president again.

When Trump was president before, he found out how hard it was to work with Congress when congressional leadership within your party is not on the same page.

Senator John Thune (R-S.D.), a known enemy of Trump, is now seeing re-election, but the news gets far worse for Trump.

Oh No…

So, if you read CJR regularly, you know how I feel about McConnell already.

I not only want him out of leadership, but I also want him gone, period.

If we manage to get step one of that done, we may still have a problem.

Thune is currently the number two man for the GOP in the Senate.

Generally, he would naturally inherit the leadership role if McConnell decided to step down, which he admitted factored into his decision to run for re-election.

If Thune were to get that leadership role, it would create a rather significant problem for Trump.

When Trump heard that Thune was running for re-election, he stated, “RINO John Thune, ‘Mitch’s boy’, should just let it play out.

“South Dakota doesn’t like weakness.

“He will be primaried in 2022, political career over!!!”

This really sets up a major battle not only between Trump and Thune, but also between Trump and the RNC, as well as several other “allies” of Trump.

Thune will get the party backing, and he also has the support of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

That Committee happens to be run by Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), who aligns with Trump.

This is a race we now have to watch closely as voters because if Thune wins, it presents a very serious question in how effective Trump would be in the Oval Office if he decides to run and he wins in 2024.

Do you think Trump will be able to back a primary candidate that can beat Thune in South Dakota?

If Thune wins, do you believe Trump should allow another candidate to take the nod from the GOP?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: NBC News & Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. THUNE ENEMY OF TRUMP????? I did not know that !!! But then does the GOP need LEADERS OR FOLLOWERS??? GRANTED RINOS ARE IN NEED OF EXITS but THE GOP needs a MATURE IDENTITY not OLD mind you ” MATURE”

  2. Generally speaking, If Trump supports a Candidate, they usually win! If Thune doesn’t support Trumps Policies, he will lose. Thank God Trump is “weeding” out all the Rinos! Slow but Surely!!

  3. If Thune wins, he will have enough power in the senate to potentially stop Trump from his agenda. I think Thune SHOULD be primaried . SURELY there is another man NOT woman in S Dakota that might be interested in the US senate to take on Thune. We NEED a TRUE GOP person, Damned TIRED of the RINO’s

  4. We are going to have to quit being patient with the RINO c suckers as well as the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks.

  5. #MAGA , Semper fi , Forever! Therefore their will be NO, compromising the United States of America, U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights, nor Emancipation Proclamation. America stands for We the People..! Liberty and Justice for all.

  6. Get rid of Thune& MC Conell!!!!!The whole RINO SQUAD has to be dismissed!They are people with personal interest and not interest for the american people!

  7. I believe that GOD will intervene on this because He ears the cries of the people. Thune & McConnell will be gone. Enough is Enough We are seeing a shift in this nation and it is for the Good of the People. We must Stand Firm and Have Faith and Trust in GOD always. Be constantly in prayer for this Nation and the World. We are Pushing back on the demonic administration in this Nation. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!We got keep going forth as Mighty Warriors of GOD. AMEN

  8. well you have to get rid of that f—ing snake Lindsey Graham anyone can see these people for what they are Graham McConnell and Biden but sucking buddies Paul Ryan Mitt Rumney you watch all the rats will be coming out of the wood work again putting Trump down like old Dumney is doing already.

    1. I am wondering is there Anyone else that has their comments not posted they have refused to post about three of my come out I cannot find out why

  9. Well I guess you’ve answered my question now we will see how conservative you people are or is it just a cover-up we will see you later

  10. To the conservative journal review I ask again why are you refusing my comments this makes about the third time you have refused to post my comments I’m still waiting for an answer

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