Trump Explains Wishing Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Well’ Comments

During a recent interview, President Trump made a comment that the media has absolutely feasted upon.

Ghislaine Maxwell was recently arrested on sex trafficking charges, so when Trump said he wished her well, the media pounced.

Trump, however, was not wishing she would beat the charges, simply that she would not meet the same fate as Jeffrey Epstein and die in jail before she has her day in court.

You know, though, it’s funny, because if Trump had stated perhaps she deserves the same outcome that Epstein had, he would have been ripped.

Now he says he only wants her to not suddenly commit suicide in jail, and the media jumps all over him as though he is defending an alleged child sex trafficker.

It’s very similar to a line uttered by John Matuszak in “North Dallas Forty.”

In this case, though, “I say they are innocent until proven guilty, and you say they are guilty. I say they are guilty, and you say they are innocent until proven guilty.”

It truly is a lose-lose situation for Trump.

During a recent Axios interview with Parker Molloy, this subject was again broached.

Additionally, Trump was trying to defend the administration’s response to the pandemic, stating how much testing is being done.

Molloy was clearly trying to make Trump look foolish here, as Trump stated that when he took over, there was no test.

Molloy asked whey there would be a test for a pandemic that did not exist.

Trump was referring to the fact that the initial testing kits were botched by the CDC, but Molloy was more interested in getting a gotcha moment than getting clarification on the issue.

This is far different treatment we see when Joe Biden is being interviewed, when some hosts actually provide the answers for Joe…

You can read the full report on Newsweek.

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