Trump Family Unleashes on NY AG Letitia James

The news of the day was the big lawsuit and referrals against the Trump family and business associates by NY AG Letitia James on Wednesday.

I initially thought that Trump would stay silent and allow his attorneys to handle speaking about it publicly.

That lasted about an hour or so before they all went ballistic.

Oh, He Went There

Trump did not take the massive $250 million civil lawsuit lightly.

Venom flew, with Trump stating, “Another Witch Hunt by a racist Attorney General, Letitia James, who failed in her run for Governor, getting almost zero support from the public, and now is doing poorly against Law & Order A.G. candidate, highly respected Michael Henry.”

Trump and James have been at each other since she took office, but this is hatred on turbo.

Trump continued, “I never thought this case would be brought — until I saw her really bad poll numbers.

“She is a fraud who campaigned on a ‘get Trump’ platform, despite the fact that the city is one of the crime and murder disasters of the world under her watch.

“She is a failed A.G. whose lack of talent in the fight against crime is causing record numbers of people and companies to flee New York. Bye, bye!”

Eric Trump, who is generally quiet on these things, also fired back…

He later added, “Letitia James is not working for the Attorney Generals office — she is working for the DNC … 49 days before her election (newest poll has her tied with a Republican in New York State).”

Donnie Jr. also had a few choice words, sending out a few tweets…

As I stated in my earlier report, it is tough to make a call here without seeing her so-called evidence.

But it is fairly obvious that there will only be one person standing at the end of this battle.

Source: Washington Examiner

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