Trump Fires Chair of Tennessee Valley Authority

Trump has vowed to put American workers back to work first and he backed up that talk by stopping work visas temporarily amid the pandemic.

The Tennessee Valley Authority boss was not apparently thinking along the same lines.

For hiring excessive foreign workers and paying salaries that were, to quote Trump, “ridiculous,” Skip Thompson has suddenly found himself without a job.

You’re Fired

Trump’s catchphrase when he was on the apprentice was “You’re fired!”

He brought back memories of the show this week when he announced some wholesale changes at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

Trump has appointed Skip Thompson as the chair, but he was not following the wishes of the administration.

The government-owned corporation was both hiring foreign workers when Americans were available to do the jobs as well as paying excessively high salaries to upper-level management.

After saying the CEO of TVA makes a staggering $8 million a year, Trump stated, “It’s ridiculous.

“Has to be the highest-paid man in any government (position).

“Makes approximately $8 million or $9 million.

“I don’t know the gentleman, but he’s got a heck of a job.

“He gets paid a lot of money.”

Trump issued a bit of advice for Thompson’s replacement.

He stated, “The new CEO must be paid no more than $500,000 a year.

“We want the TVA to take action on this immediately. … Let this serve as a warning to any federally appointed board: If you betray American workers, you will hear two words: ‘You’re fired.’”

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Countless times we have examples of Democrats flouting the law and abusing power with no recourse, including Hunter Biden. Democrats continually weaponize the bureaucracy against Republicans. This raid is outrageous.

The raid of MAL is another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves. Now the Regime is getting another 87k IRS agents to wield against its adversaries? Banana Republic.

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