Trump Fortune Takes Hit, Falls Nearly 300 Spots of Forbes Billionaire List

We all knew the presidency was going to cost Donald Trump, but I doubt anyone expected it to hit him this hard.

Forbes has released its latest billionaires list and Trump plummeted 298 spots.

This comes after Trump reportedly lost more than $1 billion over the course of his presidency.

Bad Times

The reason this happened was twofold for Trump.

First, there was an assault by Democrats and liberals against his business interests.

Second, most of the businesses are hospitality-related, so the pandemic would have hit him very hard as well.

The result is that Trump saw a huge net loss over the last four years.

Bright Side

Nobody should feel sorry for Trump, however, as he already sounds like his businesses are on the road to recovery.

Besides, Trump himself is upbeat and says that is actually what is supposed to happen when you take office.

Trump stated, “That’s the way it’s supposed to be, a politician is not supposed to make money while in office, and a rich person should come out of office with less.”

“That’s why people like me, because I am honest. Unlike most politicians, I didn’t run for office to get rich, I gave up billions of dollars to help save our country.

“I did a great job for the people on the border, the vaccine, our economy, our military, Space Force, the second amendment, and everything else.”

Trump continued, “I’m fortunate that we have the best properties and very little debt, which is a big difference between us and others.

“And with my developing the vaccine, we’re now going to get our economy reopened and help the travel and hospitality industries start growing again.”

Source: The Hill

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47 Responses

  1. That’s our president. Just hope he is able to make a big difference in the 2022 elections and then in 2024 regain the presidency.

    1. Amen to that! We definitely need our dear President Trump back!!!! Again, he can clean up the mess Biden, Obummer, Pelosi, Schumer, Soros and the rest are making…They are ALL losers!!!
      May God Bless America and the return of President Trump!

    2. I’m all with you on Donal Trump. We need him back before our country is destroyed. The lies and deceptions are overwhelming with Biden and the Democratic rule. I’m with Trump and the Republicans. Civil minded thinking.

      1. God Bless our President – He is always in 100% support for our country – even when it costs him Billions of dollars – He is not about the money – He is Our Voice – He is ‘America First’ – He always keeps us Lifted up and with Hope – The Greatest President in American History!

        ‘Our Energizer Bunny’ just keeps on – winning – winning – winning!

    3. I believe Republicans will win most of the 2022 elections because the people, Republican, Democrat and Independents alike have had enough of what the current administration is bringing to us…corruption, desire for power, more taxation, more pandemics, more lockdowns and no interest in preserving the Constitution nor our country with the immigration issue at hand. They have no moral values much less patriotism.

  2. Trump is the President in my mind. He did a great job for America and Biden/Harris has flipped us upside down in less than four months! God help us if they last 4 years!!!

    1. I agree Cheryl. Sometimes I wonder if God gave us Trump to show His believers just how corrupt our government really is. I’m also wondering if He has sent “Strong Delusion” to His enemies, something has happened to the minds of a great many people in this country.

  3. Would you give up three years of working and earning money to serve the people of the United States Of course his net worth went down, unlike most politicians whose net worth goes up when they get elected. Strange isn’t it? We need Trump back in charge. Not sure 4 years is enough time to undo the mess Biden has made in 4 months.

  4. This sure isn’t what most politicians follow — look at Pelosi — investing in Tesla. Oh, that’s right, it was her husband and she knew nothing and said nothing. How do you know Pelosi is lying — her lips are moving. She did not get to a net worth of $110million by working. And don’t tell us what she does is work — more like self-serving greed.

  5. This is like praying for President Trump having to forego his ‘gold plated’ john. With the world on rebound, all his properties will again come alive — and he is still a billionaire — to the distain of his opponents :^) Real Estate, like gold, retains its’ intrinsic value. To bad, so sad – – – –

    1. President Trump had to take a dollar. That All he got paid and then the Pelops I scumbag tried taking all the rest of his money by trying twice to impeach him. It cost him so much money for attorneys. God will be with him. Vice President should be gov. Of Florida. If They continue to mess with Trump, I hope he is ready. I dislike the Democrats.

  6. Trump is a good man and was a great president. Many are blinded by his efforts and fail to see the good he was doing. This man did not take a penny in payment for his services what other president has done that for their country and the American People. I think that says it all. His election was hijacked and the failure of the courts to recognize that is so ludicrous at best. This only goes to show how corrupt our system has become. We have a joke in office who got votes from the grave it doesn’t get any worse than that. God is in control and in the end God will prevail and the evil taking charge right now will get their due.

    1. You are very correct in what you said Gods Children will win in the end and Thank God for Trump and what he did and is still trying to do for the people of this country

  7. Trump made sacrifices to be President. More than just money. He didn’t even take a salary, he was ridiculed and opposed at every turn. They tried to drum up a fake collusion story to get rid of him before he took office. Many things, like the wall, the dems were for before he got in. Then they opposed everything he tried to do to help our country. I hope and pray honest democrats will see what a mess this fool we have now is making and remember that some things are more important than party. Ask Joe (Crow) Biden if he is giving up his salary. The media is the enemy of the people. Spread the word.

  8. Nobody can keep President Trump down; he knew what he was doing when he ran for President and he took care of this country. We had jobs, were safe and secure from attack, racial tensions were nothing like this pot the Democrats stirred up. He’ll be back stronger than ever; he’s not like this chicken feces we have in there now..fraudulently to boot.

  9. President Trump actually won the 2020 election. All of the Dems committed Fraud in order to remove Donald J. Trump. As far as I am concerned every Dem has committed Treason and should all face life in prison without a chance for parole. That includes George Soros, the Clintons, Warren Buffet, the last four FBI Directors & many more.

    1. I love all the remarks I’m reading praising President Trump but what you’ve said gwilson expressed my thoughts the best. I pray we get to see these evil people end up in prison. They don’t love or care about America. They just want power and money.

  10. I’m Latino always Love this country
    I’m pro trump 100%
    I remember when I was Getting my citizenship Democrats push me to register has a Democrat and I did as many ignorant
    Spanish speaking people but after making
    Research I switch to the Republican Party
    Now after so many Rinos I’m Patriotic 100%
    Love trump for the rest of my life
    I’m in California the stealing state
    Never will be like Mr. Regan again
    Unless Patriotic party takes position.

    1. God bless you, Neftali — very happy you came to our country and that you see the positive differences with the Republican Party! And I agree with you about our good President Trump — nice comment. 🙂

  11. He did a great job and we need him now more than ever, this admin. is distroying our country.

  12. Isn’t it curious how Pelosi, Hussein and so many others become millionaires instead!!!!!!

    And the horrible democrats continue to do all they can to break him in every way possible! President Trump was an impediment to their thievery.

  13. MR PRESIDENT, you d’MAN … you deal with disappointments and problems head on, and that is one of your best characteristics. Thank you for sticking around to help out in 2022, and we sincerely hope you will regain your rightful position in 2024 !

  14. Looking forward to seeing you back in government! Thanks for all you were able to achieve in your short time in the White House—under the most difficult times!

  15. Agree with all posts! President Trump, you are the best president we have ever had! Keep fighting the demonrats, we need you back!

  16. It does not surprise me that President Trump lost money while in office, he personally sacrafised much. However, he is a very good business man and he will recover. A good business man is what is needed to run a country as big and profitable as America. We have proof of what damage an idiot can do in just a few short months, they are giving away our country to those who will suck it dry and then move on. The aliens have ruined their own countries and are now coming to glean what they can from ours. We must fight to hold the line on the invasion, for that is what it is. Develop our own recources and sell them to the world. We can be good business men and women also.

  17. Let’s refer to President Trump as President Trump and make him current rather then past tense. Sure you can refer to his accomplishments and refer to the accomplishments in the future as well. But keep him current in your mind, so on Election Day, there is no doubts as to who needs to be in the White House.

  18. Trump spent a small fortune campaigning while Biden hid in his basement and if not for the cheating Democrats he should of reaped the rewards,he should of definitely been reelected

  19. That is our President Trump. He will bounce back unless the Democraps cause more distress on company. He will turn both the house and senate red in 2022. Then he will bring back the White House to a RED GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE… Screw the Democraps!

  20. Trump is still my president. The person who stole the election never held a paying job. Being a Communist Adviser hardly qualifies him to be President of our USA.

  21. I will vote for him. I am hoping the 2022 will be a landslide for the
    Right and then a major win in 2024. The rest of the states are going to have to shore up their voting systems to prevent the LEFT
    from committing the fraud they did in 2020. All of the voting stations must be manned 24/7 by conservatives and every move needs to be watched and if anyone tries to prevent observation then they need to get tossed to the curb. NEVER ALLOW A VOTER FRAUD LIKE COMMITTED BY THE LEFT TO EVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

  22. Check ALL the Elected Members of the Congress and Executive Branch (2020 ) election and I bet you won’t find any losses like that ??


  24. WHEN THE DONALD WAS IN OFFICE i FELT SAFE, HE IS A BUSINESSMAN, NOT A POLITICIAN THAT LIES EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH. i JUST WISH WE COULD SPEED UP TIME. GET THE OIL LINE BACK IN SERVICE AND PRICES GO DOWN. i ALSO THINK OUR FLORIDA GOVERNOR Desantis should sue NBC,CBS and ABC for spreading lies they ad no proof of and he could get back what Pelosi/Schumer team caused him to lose by telling the lies that they knew were lies..

  25. People should put President Donald Trump back in the office ASAP. Everything is proving a vote fraud, now suddenly Trump was right?! Get him back in the Oval Office chair while is still warm!!!
    If not, we gonna become a Ginny pig of the satanic sects that already too deep inside!!
    Biden don’t care he be dead in few hours or days. But what’s with new young generation?? Vaccinated to die in 8-10 months? No no, we need a strong president with iron balls this time IF we want to have a USA as it was created.

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