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Trump Frustrates Reporters by Walking Out of Press Conference

President Trump sent the media into yet another tizzy by cutting a recent press conference short and walking out as he was getting peppered with questions.

The uproar was for the fact Trump signed executive orders to bypass Congress on certain aspects of the stimulus package that Congress could not get worked out.

While there are already legal filings in process to block the order, Trump signed the legislation in key areas that could have created massive problems for Americans still out of work or those that have contracted the virus.

Among the issues addressed were evictions, health care, and unemployment.

As usual, the media was confrontational with Trump, finally hitting him for a statement he made about passing Veterans Choice, which is when Trump ended it and walked out…

Trump and Veterans Choice

It is really important to cover this because it goes to show how much differently Trump is treated compared to Biden.

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Biden gets treated with kid gloves by reporters, even when he makes blatantly false statements but Trump was not wrong in saying he pashed Veterans Choice, because he did in 2017.

Technically, the journalist is right in that the original legislation was passed in 2014.

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However, on April 18, 2017, President Trump signed the Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act.

There were significant changes and improvements made to the existing legislation, which is clearly what Trump is referring to when he says he passed the Veterans Choice Act.

At the time of the signing, Trump stated, “The veterans have poured out their sweat and blood and tears for this country for so long, and it’s time that they’re recognized, and it’s time that we now take care of them, and take care of them properly.

“This bill will extend and improve the Veterans Choice Program so that more veterans can see the doctor of their choice … and don’t have to wait and travel long distances for VA care.

“Some people have to travel five hours, eight hours, and they’ll have to do it on a weekly basis, and even worse than that. It’s not going to happen anymore,

“This new law is a good start, but there is still much work to do.

“We will fight each and every day to deliver the long-awaited reforms our veterans deserve, and to protect those who have so courageously protected each and every one of us.”

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