Trump Gives Thumbs Up to Oracle-Walmart Deal for TikTok

Millions of teenagers can rest easy tonight because it looks like TikTok is safe.

According to a recent report, President Trump has given his stamp of approval for a potential deal that would enable a U.S.-based company to take over the social media platform here in the United States.

The proposed deal will have Oracle and Walmart forming a new company to take over TikTok.

Trump Gives His Blessing

Trump has been adamant that as long as Chinese interests own and operate TikTok, the platform will be banned here in the United States over security concerns.

Several deals have been floated, but the Oracle-Walmart deal seems to be leading the pack right now.

After some details of the proposed deal were made public, Trump got behind the deal IF it actually goes through.

President Trump stated, “I have given the deal my blessing.

“If they get it done, that’s great.

“If they don’t, that’s OK too.”

Shutting Down China

Over the last few months, Trump has really been focused on putting significant pressure on China.

He has heightened sanctions, shut down alleged spy rings, and now he has threatened to kick the Chinese-owned social media platform out of the country.

Several groups have tried to fight the decision to ban TikTok, but Trump and the DOJ have claimed national security, which will be tough for these groups to defend against considered what we know about China and its spying operations already.

You can read more about this on the Washington Examiner.

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