Trump Has Biggest-EVER Online Fundraising Day After Debate

People like Chris Wallace believe that Joe Biden won the last presidential debate, but the American people say differently.

After Trump demolished Joe Biden, mouses were clicking all over the country, adding a whopping $26 million to Trump’s war chest.

This was the biggest online fundraising day the RNC has EVER seen.

Don’t Need the Money

There is a lot of speculation that some mismanagement by Trump’s previous campaign manager has left his campaign in dire circumstances.

Trump, however, says that is not true.

During the debate, he stated, “We don’t need money. We have plenty of money.

“In fact, we beat Hillary Clinton with a tiny fraction of the money that she was able to raise.”

Big Winner

Liberal pundits have been covering for Biden’s lackluster performance, but we all know who won that debate.

Bill Stepien, Trump’s new campaign manager, stated, “The president was the hands-down winner.

“We also saw last night our biggest online fundraising day ever, better than any day in 2016, better than any day during our convention.”

Gary Coby, Trump 2020 digital director, stated, “In the final days of 2016 we saw a surge in online donations which preceded a rise in public polling, leading directly to victor.

“That surge is here again — triple in size and a week earlier than in 2016!”

The only real question remaining at this point is if we will get real answers about the Hunter Biden laptop before election day.

The mainstream media is still ignoring the story like the plague, with many outlets refusing to give it any credibility because of Rudy Giuliani’s association with the evidence.

Polling right now is eerily familiar with the 2016 election and early voting is actually tilting towards Trump right now.

From what I have seen, Democrats do not have nearly the lead they thought they would and it is believed that the majority of Biden voters will be early voters.

I still think it is unlikely that we will have a winner declared on Election Day and I still believe that no matter who wins, this election will wind up before the Supreme Court.

For that very reason, conservatives need to get their votes in and verified to make sure that every vote for Trump counts.

Source: Breitbart

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