Trump and Bill O’Reilly Partner Up for ‘The History Tour’

Liberals are going to need a lot of safe spaces when news of this next announcement gets out.

Donald Trump and former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly are going on tour.

The two of them will be traveling the country on “The History Tour,” with dates expected to begin in December.

Trump Hits the Road

Since Trump left office, I have been waiting to see exactly how he would go about his post-presidency life in terms of speaking engagements.

Presidents are always a hot ticket the first year they get out, but Trump is now being treated like the plague by corporate America.

So, if they do not come to you, you go to them, right? Which is exactly what Trump will be doing.

According to the release, dates are already set for both Florida and Texas, with tickets set to go on sale on June 14, which just happens to be Trump’s birthday.

In announcing the tour, O’Reilly stated on his website that he and Trump “will discuss exactly how things were accomplished, as well as challenges, both good and bad” during Trump’s full term.

Trump added, “These will be wonderful but hard-hitting sessions where we’ll talk about the real problems happening in the U.S., those that the Fake News Media never mention. I will be focusing on greatness for our Country, something seldom discussed in political dialogue. If we don’t make our Country great again, we will soon no longer have a Country!

“I look forward to working with Bill, who right now has the #1 bestselling book, to openly discuss the real problems of our Country, and how to solve them. Additionally, it will be fun, fun, fun, for everyone who attends!”

Confirmed dates so far are December 11 in Sunrise, Florida, December 12 at a location that has yet to be determined, December 18 in Houston, Texas, and December 19 in Dallas, Texas.

Source: The Blaze

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  1. Hit Nevada, since the arrogant Dems and Harry Reid think this state should be first to have a primary over Iowa and NH. They at least got rid of the joke of a caucus.

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