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Trump Rejects Pelosi’s ‘Compromise’ on Stimulus Bill

Democrats had a pretty rough week on the Hill this week.

While trying to negotiate stimulus legislation Democrats want to use to pay for much of their leftist agenda, they found out that Republicans finally discovered their backbone.

Pelosi and Schumer wanted Republicans to add a trillion to their package if Dems were willing to subtract a trillion from theirs, but Republicans told them no way.

Sorry, Nancy

Pelosi was clearly perturbed after the meeting.

She stated, “We’ll take down a trillion, if you add a trillion.

“They said absolutely not.”

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After Congress failed to reach an agreement, Trump stated that he would issue Executive Orders to handle the most pressing issues, such as preventing evictions, unemployment, and health care.

If Trump follows through, he will have eliminated virtually any leverage Democrats have to push their agenda forward in an eventual package created by Congress, which is exactly why Pelosi was so pissed off.

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You can read the full report on Fox News.

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