Trump RNC Numbers Dwarf Biden Campaign

Earlier this week, Joe Biden’s campaign blasted the Trump campaign for viewership during the RNC.

The problem, though, was that the Biden campaign did not compute all the numbers, only the numbers where Biden held the lead.

When viewership across all outlets was tallied and fundraising during the week of each campaign was totaled, Biden had a clear view of President Trump’s heels.


First, let’s take a look at the viewership during the week.

It is no secret that today, most people watch these events through streaming services such as YouTube or apps on their devices.

Generally speaking, online numbers dwarf actual TV viewership.

Biden’s campaign was only touting TV viewership and not accounting for the online watchers.

When all viewers were tallied, the RNC had a total of 147.9 million viewers compared to the DNC’s 122 million.


The news was no better for Joe Biden on the fundraising front.

Biden and his team were pretty happy with their $70 million haul during the DNC, but Biden once again fell short of the Trump campaign.

When all the donations were added up, Trump took in $76 million during the week of the RNC, beating Biden handily.

Trump’s campaign was clearly happy with the big numbers and the massive defeat it handed the Biden campaign.

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh stated, “With massive fundraising and record viewership, President Trump’s re-nomination convention was a huge, unqualified success.

“Enthusiasm for President Trump is through the roof and is something Joe Biden could only dream of.

“We come out of the convention at a full sprint and the president is going to seal the deal.”

All About the Contrast

All one needed to do was to look at the lineup of each campaign to see why Donald Trump bested Biden.

Biden had Hollywood elites cracking bad jokes and slobbering over his campaign while telling everyone that America is a truly dark and oppressive place to live.

Trump, however, featured American success stories and people that have directly benefited from policies and actions of this president, and viewers loved it.

Trump also pushed a message of hope and patriotism, something the Democrat party is severely lacking these days.

Even though Democrats far outnumber Republicans in this country, it seems to be pretty clear which campaign is generating more excitement right now.

Source: Fox News

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