Trump Sanctions on International Criminal Court Reversed by Joe Biden

If it has Trump’s name on it, it has to go… that it the edict of the Biden administration.

In yet another baffling move to erase all things Trump from the record books, Joe Biden has reversed sanctions put on officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The ICC’s primary role is to investigate war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

The Sanctions

In September 2020, sanctions were imposed on former ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.

Bensouda was reportedly investigating American troops for war crimes in Afghanistan.

Additionally, the same sanctions were imposed against Phakiso Mochochoko, the ICC’s Head of the Jurisdiction, who assisted with the Investigation.

Ironically, while removing the sanctions on these officials, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated that the United States rejects the accusations made by the ICC.

He stated, “These decisions reflect our assessment that the measures adopted were inappropriate and ineffective.

“We continue to disagree strongly with the ICC’s actions relating to the Afghanistan and Palestinian situations.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), of course, applauded the sanctions being lifted.

She stated, “If we are to live up to our values of respect for human rights and democratic norms, United States should be leading the pursuit of international justice, not blocking it.”

This sounds eerily similar to the Biden administration opening up the checkbook for the World Health Organization (WHO) again after Biden took over the White House.

Even though the WHO is openly corrupt, Biden agreed to fund them again simply for appearance’s sake, which seems to be the same here.

Source: American Digest

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29 Responses

  1. Oh yes Biden please do that. Instead of our Tax Money going to America, It will now go to some other Country who hates us to being with. Is this what you all voted for. Sending Billions of Dollars to a Country that hates our guts. They wouldn’t lift a finger when we were in big trouble. Oh Biden send you own money, stop sending ours.

    1. This just isn’t right. Everything that President Trump did, which I would say was 99% positive this idiot is undoing them just because it was President Trump. Now, the tax payers of this country are going to see a vast majority of of that money going out of the country. YUP, that really going to help Americans.

      1. They think if they undo everything Trump did that he’ll be exorcised from our country. As if he never existed. They don’t understand that he is and will always be in our hearts. Reversing his policies will never change it.

      2. Michael,
        That will be just as successful as proving the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, WWI, WWII, KOREA and VIETNAM WAR
        never happened. SOME ARE TRYING TO RE-WRITE HISTORY with their lies.

  2. What is wrong with him. He is hell bent on destroying anything good for America if it has Trumps fingerprints on it. What a wonderful way to destroy good things. The Biden Administration is a disgrace to our country., What else is he going to do out of revenge.

    1. In the very beginning, the Democraps said that they wanted to destroy our country. You have to remember that China owns Biden, and company, and has given MANY dollars to MANY of the Democraps. They want to get all the graft and kick-backs reinstated. President Trump killed most of the graft/kick-backs that the Democraps and RINOs were receiving, that really hurt their bank accounts.

  3. Katydid:
    This is not Biden. We need to get over that Biden is really the President. He is signing documents placed in front of him. Jill, as his spouse, should be ashamed.

  4. Biden and his entire administration have all committed Treason and should all face life in prison! Biden does not have the sense that any normal American Citizen has. I consider him a total idiot! How in the heck did he obtain a college degree is questionable! The entire Biden family are all corrupt, including his wife and should all be in prison!

  5. Biden is tearing every program and neglecting our laws that protect our country, that feeds our own citizens, that provides unity, freedom, education and so much more! Biden needs to be impeached NOW!

  6. he is hell bent on destroying not only what President Trump did for our country, but everything in the usa is being destroyed by a TRAITOR,HIS SON, IS VP AND SPEAKER, ALL BELONG BEHIND BARS, WITH BREAD AND WATER THEY HAVE FEEDING OFF OF US FOR A VERY LONG TIME , THEY NEED TO BE DESTROYED, WHAT DO YOU SAY BIDEN,


    1. Gerald,
      What the super intelligent Democrats don’t remember, If it wasn’t for the military, they would NOT be in their present position. DUMB DEMOCRATS Throw them out before they get us all killed by their stupidity.

  7. Biden is nothing but a moron who needs to be put up on charges of treason against our country…. I’ve never in my life have disliked a human being than him, he’s pathetic excuse for a man…

  8. Where are the Republicans, and what are they doing about this??!! Since Pelosi, and her Gang of CLOWNS were so EXCITED when trying to take down TRUMP, using the 25th Amendment, WHY haven’t the REPUBLICANS began the EXACT SAME PROCESS ON THE CURRENT PRESIDENT???!!!!!

    1. If they were to succeed in impeaching Biden than Harris would become president and the house speaker could become vice president. That’s a frightening thought. I’m pretty sure they’re already running the show

      1. This has been the plan all along! Joe is incompetant and will eventually be removed from office.When that happens,may God truly help us all!!

  9. Hey Bidumd, if you are so worried about people in line to vote, and you want to give them water. How come you let the National Guard sleep on the ground and the food you gave them had mold on it or undercooked chicken you gave them, made some of them sick? Please answer that question you big POS!!

  10. Biden should not be president. He was not elected to the office. He doesn’t qualify for the office. He breaks the laws of the United States of America. He is not mentally capable to be the president.

  11. biden is the worst president ever first he cheated to become president then he reversed all of trumps policies he is a piece of crap that needs to be flushed down the toilet , he needs to be impeached and harris needs to be impeached she has no business running any country she got into politics because she dated a man in politics she bought her way in with no experience she does not know what she is doing she needs to go , nancy polosi needs to be impeached chuck shummer needs to be impeached , they all need to be impeached hunter biden should never be allowed to run for any office he is a drug addict and a loser and a liar like his father is bring trump back and save America

  12. I believe Biden is the worst person in America except Pelosi \, them two ought to hold havds and see who looks alike

  13. I agree with all comments. The current administration breaks its own laws. If they don’t like a law they make a new one then break it. We the people need to take back our country according to the constitution. Put into place a government that is for the American people. If the current administration wants to support other countries they need to be sent there and use their own money

  14. So what Biden and his dimwits are saying that we disagree with the actions of the ICC, we are not going to do anything about it and disregard actions that could stop them. That is insane- ” Do the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

  15. It’s the stupid dumb cowards called Clinton, Obama, Bush and the rest of the Democratic morons behind this reversal, these idiot are exploiting the people of America and the trillions that they just approved , just think of how much of all those trillions they are about to invest into their offshore accounts and arms deals , the filthy scums

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