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Trump Says He’ll Block Evictions, Extend Unemployment If Dems Don’t Pass Legislation

Many Americans today are literally hanging on by a thread financially.

On Wednesday, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows stated that Trump is getting fed up with the lack of action in Congress to alleviate financial concerns during the pandemic.

As such, come Friday, Trump may just sign an Executive Order on his own to continue to block evictions and extend federal unemployment benefits.

Tired of Waiting

Democrats passed a stimulus bill in the House about three months ago, the only problem was that it was packed with financing for various liberal agenda issues.

When it was passed, most realistic Democrats knew it had no chance of getting past the Senate, but they went ahead and pushed it through anyway so they could attempt to blame any delays to funding on Republicans.

Earlier this week, Republicans and Democrats reportedly sat down to get all of their must-have items on the board, but we have yet to see much progress simply because of the two different philosophies on what this legislation needs to include.

Republicans are looking at something around $1 trillion and Democrats want about three times that much.

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Meadows told CNN, “By Friday if we haven’t made significant progress and we’re just too far apart, the president is prepared to take an executive action on those two items.

“The good news for your viewers is if Congress can’t get it done, the president of the United States will.”

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Just Write a Check

There are many Democrat states that were in dire need of help before the pandemic and even more so now.

When you add in the damage that occurred due to the George Floyd rioting, they all have their hands out and Democrat leadership wants to give them a bailout.

According to reports, Dems are looking for about $1trillion in bailout money for states, something Trump is adamantly against.

He stated, “The Democrats are primarily interested in a $1 trillion bailout of the poorly run states.

“And we can’t go along with the bailout money.

“We’re not going to go along with it, especially since it’s not COVID-related.”

With things the way they are right now and these two sides so far apart, it is hard to believe they can close that gap over the next 24 hours, so Trump is more than likely going to have to follow through on his threat or we are going to see a lot more people go belly up and a lot more people out on the sidewalk because they can’t pay their rent.

Source: New York Post

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