Trump Says Obama and Biden Owe ‘Massive Apology’ to People of Flint, MI

Barack Obama joined Joe Biden on the campaign trail this weekend in Flint, MI.

It is rather ironic they chose this city, considering the Obama-Biden administration was on overwatch when the water of Flint was poisoned.

This was something Trump was quick to point out after Biden and Obama launched a series of vicious attacks at Trump during their campaign rally, exposing the utter failure of Obama’s administration during the eight years he had the keys to the country.

The Attacks

Obama led off the attack, claiming that Trump never took the presidency seriously.

He launched several more attacks, mostly filled with lies about achievements during his administration that never really happened.

Then it was Joe’s turn.

Biden stated, “Three days we can put an end to a president that has failed to protect this nation.

“I don’t care how hard the president tries, there’s nothing he can do to prevent the people from voting.”

He finished up by stating, “We’re done with the chaos, the tweets, the anger, the hate, the failure [and] refusing to take any responsibility.”

Biden also had the audacity to say, “[We] went through eight years without one single trace of scandal … It’s gonna be nice to return to that.”

I am not sure what news outlets Biden was and has been watching, but that is clearly just a flat-out lie.

Trump Responds

Trump took no time at all to respond to the comments, pointing out that it was Obama and Biden who were in charge when the people of Flint had their water crisis…

As many as 12,000 children were exposed to lead poisoning, but I guess that does not count as a scandal to Joe Biden.

If Trump is going to win this election, Michigan is a state that Donald Trump must win.

You can read more about this report on Fox News.

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