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Trump Says Senate Armed Services Committee Will NOT Rename Military Bases

The new cancel culture that is now running rampant in Congress has targeted our military bases.

If Democrats have their way, all military bases named after anyone connected to the Confederacy will be renamed.

Trump has been adamant this will not happen, and he announced on Friday via Twitter that he has been assured by the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee that this will NOT happen.

Poison Pills

The idea of changing the names of our military bases is not just being pushed by Democrats.

Some Republicans are also buying into this, even though President Trump has been adamant that he does not want this to happen.

As such, legislation produced in both the House and Senate for the upcoming vote on the defense bill include stipulations to change the names of Confederate-named bases.

In the House version, the bases must be renamed within a year.

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The Senate bill requires the names of the bases to be changed within three years.

Trump had threatened to veto any legislation that came across his desk with these provisions, and now he is asking Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) to ignore the mandate.

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Veto-Proof Legislation

In all honesty, Inhofe may be doing nothing more than paying Trump lip service on this issue.

If the Republican legislation passes, President Trump will have no say in the matter.

Trump can veto it if he wants to, but there is enough support in the Senate for this legislation that a presidential veto could be overridden if the Senate so desired.

My best guess on this is that the history of this particular piece of legislation suggests the bill will not even be passed until after the election.

If Trump wins the election, this point may end up getting put back up on the negotiating table rather than cause an uproar in the party.

However, if Joe Biden wins the election, we can expect the legislation to go through as written and more than likely be passed through Congress either at the end of the year or closer to inauguration day.

Typically, this legislation goes on the congressional floor between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but Trump’s threat may be enough to delay it until we have an election result.

For now, though, the bases are safe from renaming but that could change dramatically depending on how November 3 works out.

Source: Breitbart

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