Trump Says World is Laughing at United States for Our New PC Military

Donald Trump is not missing a beat when it comes to all things Joe Biden.  

Biden and Trump could not have two more opposite approaches to the military, something Trump is more than happy to point out.  

With Biden’s Secretary of Defense making massive PC changes, Trump believes both our enemies and allies are now laughing at us.  

PC Military 

Since Joe Biden took over, there have been some rather significant changes to our military, not all for the better.  

This new inclusive and gender-fluid narrative that is being pushed has a lot of people wondering if our military is even capable of answering the bell if called upon.  

During a recent podcast with Sebastian Gorka, Trump stated“I think they’re laughing at us like they never laughed before. 

“You look at what’s going on legally within the Army.  

“I asked someone the other day, so if a general tells a private, what to do.  

“If the general’s slightly harsh, is that acceptable?  

“And they weren’t sure how to answer the question.” 

Trump continued, “Do you understand? This is just crazy what’s going on.” 

The former president later added, “Our politically correct armed forces, where they’re sending out documents talking about all sorts of things that shouldn’t be discussed — that shouldn’t even be thought about. 

I think the world is laughing at us. 

“They weren’t laughing before when we were in.” 

Our military has always been the pride of this nation, and do not get me wrong, it still is, but we cannot help but question if this administration is just taking things too far and putting this country and our active military personnel at risk with all these changes.  

What do you guys think? Is this new PC military taking it too far or are you okay with the changes Joe Biden is making?  

Source: New York Post 

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66 Responses


    1. what you say and imply is very true…the “average man/woman” on the street doesn’t have a clue to what is really going on…

      1. Saddlebum, yes we have an idiot in the white house but the puppeteer is obama, mark my words. He is trying to destroy America through the idiot. I am not defending the pervert biden but I believe he is the puppet for obama….biden will get the blame for what obama destroys… they all need to stand before a firing squad….

        1. believe me – BO is not smart enough either – he, himself was being “managed”…look further under the canopy of liberalism…George Soros and the like – THERE is where it originates…

        2. This is George Soros, through Obama, Obama to Biden. One of Soros’ organizations supports these same goals, maybe more do, he has over 130 anti-Sovereign America orgs. His mega dollars puts him above the law, the Treasonous Vermin he buys off should be given life with hard labor on GITMO with just enough food to keep them alive.

      2. I agree, they are laughing at America for putting this unfit man in office. He has made a laughing stock of our once great nation. It has taken him only a few months to bring what was once the greatest nation on earth to it’s knees.

        1. The truth is: we didn’t put him in office. His corrupt supporters tampered with the votes and vote machines. to get him in. with the expectation that once elected, they would be able to change laws and voting rules, etc., to make sure that no Republican would ever be elected over the democrabs. Only reason we all don’t know the details is that the Supreme Court refused to take up the issue.

        1. now, THAT is a stupid comment Mitchell – that is not opening a can of worms but more like turning the switch on under an atomic bomb~ we need to PROTECT capitalisms, NOT destroy it~the demobrats are not the only ones responsible…also the “I don’t care”, the “what’s it to me”, “that’s THEIR problem”, “MYOB”, THESE ARE THE PROBLEMS…WE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION -for WHOM WE VOTE~~~RESEARCH THEIR BACKGROUND BEYOND WHAT THE “NEWSPAPERS” TELL US, KNOW WHERE THEY WENT TO COLLEGE (LIBERAL, LIBERAL-LIBERALER, COMMUNIST ORIENTED ETC) – EVERY COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY HAS SOME “tell-tale” sign of what they push…
          pay attention to WHO you are voting in office as THEY have the future of the US in their hands & minds!

        1. Michelle – because the demobrats are in charge – – if they could they would impeach George Washington!

    1. Wanda Johnsn. Totally agree with you! Maybe they did not realize exactly what they said. The people of all America are educated at many different levels, and one of the most important ways t do this is to believe in your instincts; common sense is often lost the cramble. One more thing, this applies to Americans of all race, creed and color

  2. What Biden did to our military is a crying shame…they are more concerned about feelings as opposed to our enemies…yes , We are absolutely the laughing stock of the world! Shame on you Biden for being so wishy-washy-lying-cover-up individual concerned only with self and having no regard for our borders, what’s happening on the border and at the border because of your total ignorant and inept decisions to keep our nation safe! You have been corrupt since your wife and daughter died. Shame on you. And yes, you too will have to face your God.

    1. Brindley
      You are 100% correct My Heart goes out to Our Military Biden is Making a LAUGHTING STOCK of OUR WHOLE COUNTRY and NO ONE REALLY SEEMS TO CARE this was a WELL PLANED By the DEMS to DISTROY OUR GREAT NATION GOD HELP US ALL

  3. Truth hurts sometimes doesn’t it! You don’t protect a nation with a dozen roses. You carry a big stick and show you will use it if you are forced to.

  4. I believe the most TELLING observation is the FACT that Biden is AFRAID of his own troops while President Trump (and Melania) were quite “at home” when surrounded by them. Could be a compelling message here :^)

  5. I am a 20 year, retired Navy E-9. The present day Demorat Military Leaders “Do Not” require respect or obedience of orders given within the Military Chain Of Comand. A Military Organization cannot function or protect our Country when this is the norm. As a Country, we are headed down a wrong, very short road.

    1. Thank you very much for your service to America and her citizens. If not for people like you, this nation would not be the country that it is today. I’m not talking about all of the crisis since Biden took office. God bless you.

  6. If you are in the military your life depends on your having respect for your superiors and taking an obeying orders without questioning! This unfortunately is not what is happening in the woke world today! That’s what is going on with police! People don’t have respect for authority! I’m a Vietnam combat infantryman!

    1. Thank you very much for your service to this nation. It would not be the country that it is if not for people like you.

  7. I think the armed forces will look cute in their new pink tutu uniforms! (That’s sarcasm, son!)

    1. I was a Marine when JFK was shot. The most common remark in the barracks was, “good Shot, Lee Harvey”
      I have 2 sons both are junior Marine officers both have turned in their resignation.
      They refuse to serve with queers and Bent Genders. Better get the draft started again, liberal dem bloodsuckers, or soon you will have no military,

  8. They’re gonna come for us and it’s the left’s fault. This administration is going to get us into a war and it won’t be pretty. Hope all the idiots that voted for them are happy now.

    1. The “majority” seems to have swallowed the propaganda forced down their throats by the leftist’s propaganda arm, our media, and voted NOT to install a new and better regime but to get rid of Trump! Y’all made your bed, now lie in it!

  9. The Military should operate BASED upon Military Leaders; Not by some wanabe POTUS who Illegally got into Office via Vote fraud, and NEVER should have been allowed out of his basement. The Military THEN Presents their Views to the duly elected POTUS, for discussion; debate; modification; approval; and acceptance.
    Past POTUS; OBUMA, was voted the Worst POTUS EVER by USA Citizens. He has since been replaced in that position by basement dweller BiDumb!

    1. I agree totally ! I think the military needs to be led by career longstanding commanders who put forth plans based on experience and recommending these plans to the POTUS ! Older veterans have the best attitudes of guiding younger recruits because they preach old style military pride ! The belief of hard training , knowing their responsibilities, and above all honor,loyalty, and love of country 🇺🇸. God Bless America

    2. I agree. But, the real question is how in the heck did the American people let this happen? It was (or should have been) well known that Biden and his demon-crat team was stuffing the ballot boxes to succeed in the biggest scam ever! And, our court system all the way up to the Supreme Court let it happen! They wouldn’t even take it up! I blame Roberts for that and believe he should be removed for treason. In fact, the military should have taken over the Federal Government and Office of the President instead of allowing this disgusting coup to take place!

  10. Brindley,What Biden has done or hasn’t done for our
    country is insane. We are going down the tube fast and
    I think we should now say enough of Biden and Camel
    and bring our real President Back and turn America back
    to what it was and can be once again.Very tumultuous times
    and it is very disturbing what this sicko has done so far. Have the

  11. When the enemy is standing over you, and just before he shoves his knife through your heart, he probably won’t be asking you, “so how did your PC training go”?!!

  12. Thanks to the liberals we are walking in a mine field……..Unless this ship is righted soon and the
    Conservatives show some leadership the results will be a bloody disaster for our United States……….

  13. I know that President is suppose to be the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, but I also think in order to do the job properly, he needs to let the military officials make the final rules. This is crazy to let a civilian try to tell the military how to do their job without ever having been in the service of our country! I know that Trump was never in any form of service, but he also told the military leaders that they had full authority to do their various jobs. They were allowed to retaliate if fired upon without his verbal OK. They were not allowed to start any aggression , but they were never to run from it either. If major changes were needed to be done, permission had to come from the proper authority. In the past, if a leader, General or Admiral was graded as not fit for duty, he or she would be removed and replaced by someone who was. To be a military leader, you must be strict, but not overbearing in your command, regardless of which branch of service you serve in.

  14. The military and the civilian society are at Opposite ends. I am sure JOE, OBAMA, SCHUMER NANCY, Etc. NEVER NEVER wore the UNIFORM. They in their SIMPLE MINDS have ABSOLUTLY the FAINTEST IDEA of haw a military Organization Operates. Ah, what’s the sense there is no way you can educate DUMB. Especially when they are FULL of HATE and out to Destroy because of their IGNORANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. How will we enter an armed conflict, if our troops are more concerned about hurting the other sides feelings?

  16. As long as they can enrich thier lives anymore than they have these sick bastards will throw our country under the bus and they can’t be trusted with our lives

  17. Maybe because it will help with their communist Ideal!!! These corrupt people need to be arrested NOW!!!

  18. I served in the Marines from 1980 to 1984 I’m glad that I served back then and not in the military today. Because with letting anyone into the military and making it where they can’t be yelled at and what have you will make are troops softer. What do they think it’s all video games?

  19. The people of Ukraine should be very vigilant as Russia has now moved a lot of troops to the border! All because of who is our commander in chief!

  20. Why does the military take over before these idiots completely destroy our country. You see what you get when idiots are in charge of anything. Come on military, get rid of all those bozos who are supposed to be running this country, and take charge.

  21. I believe that our President and Vice President have no clue what’s going on in this Country. I also believe our military needs to be strong. But Biden’s plan is to destroy America by not seeing everything going on with the rest of the world. This is his path to a one world government!!! Biden needs to be removed alone with Harris and Pelosi.!!!

  22. I spent 24 years in the military—BIDEN has NO CLUE as to what he is doing—HE NEVER SERVED–He had asthma during Viet Nam which disappeared when the war was over—What a convenient cure! Five times his deferment got renewed!! Sorry Draft Dodger. Cannot say it enough–Biden the Draft Dodger!!! TRASH!!!

  23. I think our Military Leaders would prefer President Trump was still in Control of our country and the entire Military! Please return Mr President Donald J. Trump, The United States of America needs intelligent Leadership now more than ever!!! This administration is killing Our Constitution and Country!!!

  24. Our military should take control of the USA before this administration ruins us more or gets us into another War!!!!

    1. Does anyone know how they could go about it legally? I would think they would need the backing of Senators and Congress in order to pull it off. Temporary martial law pending decision of the Supreme Court? (which brings up a whole new can of worms….).

  25. I am sure most of our military men are ashamed of what is being put on them. The Biden Administration should just butt out and let those that have more experience handle the military. Not any of the wimpy Democrats.

  26. I served in both the Army and the Air Force and retired after 20 years. I wish that the would at least go back to the way were in the early 50s We had discipline and pride. I’ m sure that they guys in service today would be able to stand a little more. They always told us that we didn’t know just how far we could go and they were right we always found it somewhere within us

  27. This has all been setup since before the election. Biden has been paid off by the Russians and his Chinese comrades! What money he didn’t get directly went through Hunter and the rest of his rotten traitorous family! Can’t wait for Trump to get back in and send all these treasonous bastards to Gitmo for the rest of their lives! Oh, treason against the United States brings in the death penalty, wouldn’t that be nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. China Joe has made every aspect of the United States a joke the whole world is laughing at. I know he and his cronies will find themselves on the wrong end of a civil war that’s going to make the 1st civil war look like a snowball fight

  29. I guess that this article would make more sense if I knew the meaning of PC. I always thought the acronym for Personal Computer was PC, but I guess not in this acronymed article.

  30. The FAKE NEWS media protected Pre Biden throughout his campaigning and the debates. Now that he has undone almost all the good Pres Trump accomplished on: border , immigration , wall , low gas ,low home heating , good high paying union jobs, jobs in general; the country will get the full Biden CRAZY ideas in force . In barely four months many democrats are starting to realize what they have done. That is called buyer’s remorse , or the monumental hangover you have when you partied too long , and too hard . This is especially true in Pennsylvania and Texas. In Pa, if you ask a person are you a democrat ,the answer is ,”who , me?” In Texas you will get a similar reply. The North East and far West states have been bailed out by the pork laden stimulus packages. it is doubtful they can be bailed out for the next three years .

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