Trump Shuts China Out of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with DPA Order

It has become painfully evident that the United States needs to do more manufacturing of pharmaceuticals so we are not so dependent on the Chinese supply chain.

With there now being concerns that the production of a COVID-19 treatment or vaccine would be at the mercy of the Chinese government, President Trump made a bold move to ensure that does not happen.

Earlier this week, the Trump administration issued Kodak a $765 million government loan via the Defense Production Act to produce key medical drugs.

HUGE Move by Trump

When a vaccine and/or approved treatment are finally ready to be produced, the entire world will be looking to crank out products.

Everyone will be fighting over the same ingredients and/or drugs.

The government loan given to Kodak will enable the company to convert whatever equipment needs to be converted, buy ingredients, and be able to handle mass production when the time comes.

Kodak will be creating a new division called Kodak Pharmaceuticals that will add about 350 jobs.

This is a major win for Trump on several different fronts.

America First

Atop the list of victories is the fact that our country will be one step closer to being independent of other countries’ supply chains.

Development Finance Corporation CEO Adam Boehler stated, “It’s a big win for the Defense Production Act.

“It’s a big win for New York. It’s a big, big win for blue-collar jobs.”

He later added, “It’s unacceptable going forward that American pharmaceuticals — the generic form of pharmaceuticals — are made in China and outside of the United States.

“We will be self-reliant, and that will ensure our safety.”

Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) CEO Michael Stumo stated, “Navarro’s focus upon bringing pharma manufacturing to the US is really important for health, jobs, and innovation.”

He added, “The President also needs to issue an executive order that the government will buy medicines and medical supplies from U.S. sources.

“Bringing back the production of medicines, medical devices, and medical supplies is a fantastic opportunity for COVID recovery, health-wise, and economically.

“I have been dismayed that many congressmen seem to be satisfied with allied countries making these products for us when we need the jobs and innovation here.”

Trump, obviously, was ecstatic about the deal, stating, “It’s a breakthrough in bringing pharmaceutical manufacturing back to the United States.

“Kodak will now produce generic, active pharmaceutical ingredients.

“This is a big deal.

“Using advanced manufacturing techniques, Kodak will also make the key starting materials that are the building blocks for many drugs in a manner that is both cost-competitive and environmentally safe.”

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a monumental deal, but it will be very interesting to see how much the mainstream media downplays this HUGE win for Trump, his administration, American business, and the American people.

Sources: Fox Business, Breitbart, & Washington Examiner

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