Trump Signs Executive Order to Protect American Monuments

Ask some Democrats, they will tell you that destroying monuments is a “healthy” expression of their frustration.

President Trump and conservatives see it differently, though, and now Trump is signing an executive order to prove it.

On Friday, the President announced an Executive Order to protect American monuments, statues, and memorials.

Preserving History

For weeks now, we have had to sit back and watch as rioters destroyed historical monuments.

Many of these monuments go back to mark the history of the south, which today is absolutely forbidden.

Rather than take them down and move them to another location, rioters were allowed to topple them in the streets, deface them, and vandalize them.

On Friday, Trump took action that will hopefully deter rioters from doing so again or punish them severely if they do…

In addition to the protection of the monuments, the new EO will also hold federal funds back from state and local governments that fail to protect these monuments.

Standing Up

This past Friday, protesters targeted the Emancipation Statue of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Park.

There were postings made trying to get a crowd together that would make police back down, but protesters/rioters had a bit of a surprise waiting for them when they showed up to topple the statue.

The BLM movement says the statue shows a black man on his knees, submissive to Lincoln.

Those that support the statue say the man is getting up after having been freed from slavery by Lincoln.

Those that want the statue taken down know nothing about the history of the statute, but there were plenty of people there to remind them.

Direct descendants of slaves stood guard at the monument, refusing to back down while also giving a history lesson to the BLM crowd that wanted to remove it.

The monument itself was paid for with the wages of freed slaves.

The slave depicted in the monument is a likeness of Archer Alexander, a former slave himself.

This points to the real problem with this “woke” movement in that those protesting really don’t have a clue what they are protesting nor have they actually taken the time to learn the history of this country and the monuments they are protesting.

All they seem to know these days is yelling, violence, and destruction. Facts be damned because they just want to create chaos and havoc in this country until they get their way.

Source: Fox News

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