Trump Slams Dems for Surging Violence After Shooting at Nationals Park

Donald Trump has always been a friend to law enforcement and worked very hard to promote himself as a law-and-order president.

He did this knowing full well that Democrats would make him out to be a racist for doing so.

With Trump’s “extreme” position on law enforcement, Dems took the bait and went the other way, giving Trump all the ammo he needs now to call them out with surging crime rates around the country.


If you are a regular reader of CJR, you more than likely recall my articles regarding the many landmines that Trump left behind for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

Law-and-order would be one of them.

When I said Trump took an “extreme” position, I mean that he merely wanted our laws enforced, which, by liberal standards, is an extreme position.

Trump had to know if he pushed law enforcement, Democrats would go to the polar opposite, and they did, which has led to defunding police and surging violent crime rates across the country.

Trump now has every bit of ammunition he needs to put these problems right in the laps of Democrats from the bottom up, and he did just that after the shooting outside of the Nationals game in DC.

After all, if the city where the president lives is not safe, and it is not, where can we go and feel safe, right?

To that point, Trump let loose, stating, “Crime in our Country is escalating at a pace we’ve never seen before. At the same time, people are pouring through our Borders totally unchecked.”

And just for emphasis, he added, “Jails in other countries are being emptied out into the United States.

“This is far worse than anyone thought during the Fake Election!”

In addition to the shooting referenced above, there was another shooting just a few days ago with a six-year-old girl losing her life.

I am not ignorant to think that violent crime does not happen in Republican-run cities, but we do not see the surge and rate of horrific crimes that we see in Democrat-run cities.

Their policies are clearly failing their constituents, yet Dems have doubled down and voters keep putting them in office.

Not to sound cold-hearted, but perhaps this is exactly what they need to see to wake up and push back against these idiotic Democrat policies that are literally leaving children dead in our streets.

It’s horrific… but the only way we can stop it is to remove Democrats from cities they have anchored for decades.

Source: The Hill

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8 Responses

  1. 2022 is coming and it will be a huge win for the conservatives. Don’t know what we can do with Biden/Harris. Just keep them in their basements.

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  3. It is amazing that Biden and Harris have not been impeached for all they have done to destroy our Nation. No one seems to be able to stand up to the Democratic Party. Is it fear that controls the people. Do people not realize that we the people can remove them. They work for us in our house. We need to take control or keep on suffering.

  4. I would like to know, why hasn’t Biden been arrested????
    On a daily basis there are reports about one thing or another that this administration has done, that should be illegal!!!
    Biden isn’t doing this on his own, as he does not have the intellectual ability to figure these thing out, let alone implement them!!!
    So. how much longer will this country, or those that are in charge, allow him to continue his blatant tearing down of OUR country????

  5. Get ready folks…….RELEASE THE KRACKEN!! Stay tuned to watch the COMMUNIST Democrat party IMPLODE!!
    Show NO MERCY and take NO PRISONERS!! One way tickets to GITMO for all treasonous scumbags!

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