Trump Slights Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

President Trump is clearly not ready to give up on this election quite yet and he is hammering every Republican that is telling him to lie down.

During a recent interview with CNN, Republican Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, stated, “I think that we need to consider the former vice president as the President-elect. Joe Biden is the President-elect.”

That comment did not sit well with Trump…

Whether Trump is in the White House or not, he will still have considerable clout with conservatives come the next election.

People like DeWine may not like how Trump is going about it, but the fact of the matter is that Trump has every right to challenge the election results because of the irregularities we have seen.

Some support among his Republican colleagues would be nice instead of the usual spinelessness we see from our elected representatives in office.

Source: Cleveland 19

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The RNC would not be the same without Moe. It’s an honor to celebrate his 80th birthday & dedicate an office in the building for Moe.

We are forever grateful for his heartfelt dedication – there will always be a home for Moe at the RNC. Happy Birthday!

When Joe Biden claimed in late April that “we’ve now gotten control,” border officials were encountering the most illegal immigrants in 20 years.

Was he ignoring warnings on the ground? Or was he lying to the American people?

Kamala Harris has been border crisis manager for over 50 days.

Meanwhile, border encounters reached a 20-year high, 1,500 illegal immigrants escape into the U.S. per day, and criminal activity has boomed.

And she still hasn’t even visited the border.

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