Trump Sounds Off on Hunter Biden Laptop, Twitter Ban

The collapse of Afghanistan and yet another Hunter Biden scandal have given former President Donald Trump all the ammo he needs to attack Biden, the media, and social media platforms.  

Over the last week, yet another Hunter Biden video surfaced that should have been front-page news, but most media news outlets shunned the story.  

Now, with the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, Trump is hammering Twitter for giving the terrorist organization a platform.  

Hunter Biden 

In the new video, Hunter Biden is seen naked in bed with a woman that is allegedly a prostitute.  

Hunter makes some rather shocking confessions about his lost laptop, yet the media has tuned out the entire story.  

On the new video, Trump stated, “They use their prosecutors to get people … and yet the son doesn’t get prosecuted. You take a look at what he’s done. How about the tape? The tape is the scandal. … The tape that came out on Hunter is a national scandal and extremely illegal and nobody’s doing anything about it.” 

“They go after people that are Republicans.” 

This story gets much worse with damning implications for both Joe Biden and the FBI.  

According to a Federalist report, the FBI was aware of the second laptop and its contents, all of which Joe Biden would surely have been briefed on.  

Margot Cleveland wrote, “This new revelation establishes that, since December 2019, the FBI had knowledge that a second laptop had been stolen from Hunter Biden and that that laptop contained material making the Biden family a national security risk and subject to Russian influence.  

“Joe Biden surely received briefings on these risks well before his October 2020 denial of the authenticity of the laptop, so the question is: Did the FBI fail to provide Biden a truthful briefing on this intel, or did Biden fail to level with voters?” 

Now, can you imagine if it was Don Jr. in those videos instead of Hunter Biden? 

Just how much coverage would the story have gotten then? 

Trump actually touched on this as well, stating, “He was sitting there with some woman. I don’t know who the hell the woman was.  

“And she didn’t have clothes on and neither did he. This would have been five years ago, 10 years ago, the biggest scandal in history.  

“And now they don’t put it on. I’m telling you this is communism.” 

He continued, “What they do is they don’t put things on it. It’s like if something is bad about Biden, they don’t put it on. 

“If something’s bad about me, they make it 10 times worse and they put it on.” 


Twitter still will not let Donald Trump post, yet it has given a platform to the Taliban, a known terrorist organization.  

Trump, on the Taliban having a public platform and him being blocked, stated, “It’s disgraceful when you think that you have killers and muggers and dictators and horrible — some horrible dictators and countries, and they’re all on but the president of the United States, who had hundreds of millions of people, by the way, he gets taken off.” 

Let me say this again… state-run media. Save few exceptions, that is what most mainstream media outlets have become.  

They push whatever narrative Dems are giving them in talking points and blatantly ignore stories that would hurt party members.  

One only needs to look at the kid gloves being used with Biden during this entire Afghanistan debacle to realize that.  

Sources: The Blaze & New York Post 

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18 Responses

  1. Why is Joe Biden encouraging illegal immigration and terrorists to breach US borders, enabling
    terrorist to establishing terrorist sleeper cell nests in every state in the United States? His actions will have a great impact and compromise many Americans’ lives. Why is Joe Biden not protecting the American people from terrorist threats? This Initial responsibility falls upon Joe Biden. The President’s highest priority is to keep American people safe from threats by preventing terrorist attacks and other threats against our homeland. Dereliction of duty is a specific under United States Code Title 10, Section 892, Article 92.

  2. He has been directed by the courts to implement Trump’s southern border protocols. Why hasn’t he done it. We, the American people can no longer afford his blatant disregard for the Constitution and the laws that protect us. He needs to be impeached, or somehow relieved of his authority to continue destroying our Country. Please do it NOW.

    1. I do agree he needs to be put in a nut farm (Bending) right along with Nancy Ploski. They are both insane. Please Please inpeach Bendin

  3. Biden & Harris must go now !! was a fraud election ! Put Trump back in charge !!! Biden will get us all killed !!!

  4. This is the guy who did what he did in Ukraine and is doing the same in Afghanistan. The question is, why did he become the President?

  5. Joe’s Democrat voters just ignore this as a Fox News lie which in itself isn’t true. It’s just the MSM ignores anything the DNC tells them to ignore which isn’t journalism, it’s censorship. Democrats and their news megaphone broadcasting the big lie.

  6. The real crime is the lame stream media, they are the real terrorists telling right out lies and misleading stories and not reporting the real stories that matter, they make up their own version and that is criminal, and they should be held accountable.

  7. Biden needs to go. He has no clue what to do when to do it etc.
    Can we not exile him!Why are we or some of us just letting him
    go on and on about the virus situation. What the hell! We are in a war
    just about with Afghanistan etc.Stop him NOW! Back to his basement forever.

  8. STOP AND THINK for a moment. If Biden is removed from office, without also getting rid of Harris AND Pelosi, it will be like jumping out of gthe frying pan into the fire. The best solution is to rapidly force thrrough electon audits. That will prove that the election was stolen and that Biden and his entire administration are illegitimate. The reinstate Trump as the rightful president, and remove eery congress member (House and Senate) who was elected under the same questionable circumstances.

  9. Joe, needs to resign along with his advisers and National Security staff. Also, the FBI must come clean regarding the laptops. I feel the FBI all needs to be cleaned out. This department should not be political.

  10. The answer is he cheated, with the help of the CCP and many others. He knew he didn’t need to get out and campaign because he knew he would be cheated in. The media helped him by not reporting the Hunter Biden laptop information. The media also favored Biden STRONGLY during the Presidential debates. Chris Wallace in particular. They all treat Biden with favoritism while slamming Trump with lies, witch hunts and impeachments. They are STILL doing it because they are AFRAiD of Trump. Here’s a man who is NOT a politician, but a billionaire businessman who CANNOT be bought. That’s why I voted for him TWICE. He also did not accept a salary while being President. He also kept the promises he made to we the people.

  11. I know a few demos that should read all of the above instead of all the lies they are babbling about their precious criminals, the Obama/Biden……….Not intelligent enough I guess to really study the issues and truly know what is taking place. Very sad and hurting us all, including their selves WAKE UP AND PROVE YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON AND THINK FOR YOUR SELVES, PLEASE GOD HELP US……..

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