Trump Says He Still Supports NY GOP Rep. Who Supported Infrastructure Bill

Last week, Trump ripped off a scathing rebuke of the members of the GOP that voted to pass the infrastructure bill.

The bill would have failed if Republicans held the line, dealing Pelosi and Biden a massive blow.

For some reason, even though she voted in favor of the legislation, Rep. Malliotakis (R-N.Y.) was left off Trump’s hit list.

Give Her a Pass

Trump did not go into great detail as to why the New York Republican was given a pass.

All he stated was, “She spoke to me. I still support her.”

Malliotakis added, “I spoke to President Trump. He’s still with me. I’m still with him. It’s important to me.”

Last week I stated that while I did not support the legislation personally, it was understandable why some Republicans did.

In Malliotakis’ case, New York is receiving the lion’s share of the money, so the actual infrastructure aspect of the bill will help her constituents.

Had she voted against the bill, it would give her 2022 opponent something to use against her, and now that avenue of attack has been removed.

Source: New York Post

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6 Responses

  1. Sometimes a person of principal has to vote against a bill that is so atrocious to the welfare of the country even when the bill will benefit her their state. This is especially true with the mislabeled Infrastructure Bill that contained only 15% of its revenue going to infrastructure. Plus in this case such a large portion being earmarked for any state where the citizens and government of that state are responsible for the decay of its infrastructure is a slap in the face to those states have taken better care of their infrastructure.

  2. Oh Lordy! Now I’m beginning to doubt Trump! I know I won’t vote for a dem/lib, but now I have to get back to my research and figure out where my own loyalty lies. I trusted Trump’s campaign to filter out the rinos, and now he is aligned with rinos! I reckon I’ll vote with my eyes closed come 11-24! What a letdown!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Trump better understand that his lack of discernment will cause him to lose a lot of his supporters. Couple that with his continuous selling of the bioweapon disguised as a vaccine, and you have to begin to wonder if he truly is best suited to lead the America First agenda. Couldn’t be more disappointed.

  3. I have been unemployed since 31 July 2020 and that is why I cannot support providing funds to the GOP or any candidate. I wish I had the money, but unfortunately that is life. I despise all 100% Dems throughout America. I would love to see all of the Washigton D.C. Corruption removed in its entirety.

  4. I personally feel that all 100% of the GOP should have voted against this Bill. All it is a designed document to create a welfare country. The GOP Candidates need to stick together and get rid of all RINO’s which total 19 of them. We need to increase the GOP by getting rid of every Dem in office.

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