Trump Supporters Protest Outside Homes of Hillary Clinton and Governor Cuomo

Democrats are starting to get a taste of their own medicine, and they surely don’t like it.

A group of Trump supporters decided to get together and show New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton what they thought of them.

Needless to say, the protests went over like a box of rocks.

Poor Hillary

Both homes were swarmed by protesters carrying signs that said things like “Cuomo Sucks” and “Expose the Corruption.”

As news broke of the protests, Chelsea Clinton made one of the most ridiculous tweets I have ever seen…

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it Hillary that still goes around telling stories about how she actually won the 2016 election?

I would also wonder where was this outrage when liberal protesters were outside the homes of people like Tucker Carlson and Mitch McConnell?

Hillary’s neighbors were also horrified, with one neighbor stating, “I’m sad for the Clintons. I feel like they can’t win. I feel like they’re being targeted.

“Of course the secret service will keep them safe.

“I just think it’s beyond the pale. It’s like, where are we going with this? It just keeps getting ratcheted up more and more.”

Fair is Fair

Now that the media has handed Joe Biden the election, is rather remarkable that Democrats want everyone to play nice.

They have sat silently by for the last four years while liberal protesters literally burned our city streets and ruined businesses, but now they want Trump’s supporters to go quietly into the night.

And, of course, when their supporters react violently to Trump supporters, all they all do is sit on their hands.

This is exactly what conservatives need to do… use the same tactics the left used over the last four years to give Democrats a little taste of what we have all had to deal with.

Sorry, Chelsea, but we are not going away anytime soon.

Source: Fox News

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My governor @GovWhitmer always has time for the limelight of the Sunday shows or a New York Times puff piece.

But when it comes to our kids’ education, she is totally absent.

America is built on the idea that we are all created equal and success is earned through honest, hard work. It isn’t built on identity, race, or religion.

The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln & the party of more opportunity for all Americans—not nativist dog whistles.

Joe Biden spent months launching baseless smears with no evidence during the campaign, and the media parroted them.

Now his own administration has undermined his claims, and near silence from the mainstream media.

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