Trump Surprises NYPD and NYFD on 9/11

On 9/11, the first responders in New York were the bravest individuals on the planet.

With the Towers on fire and collapsing, these amazing individuals ran into the buildings rather than out.

Most of them knew they would probably not come out alive, but they put duty first and tried to rescue as many people as possible.

On the 20th anniversary of the attack, President Trump surprised both the New York City Police and Fire Departments with a visit to honor the sacrifices made by their brothers and sisters.

Surprise Visit

Nobody can question Donald Trump’s devotion to our veterans and first responders.

It is honestly hard to remember a president that has ever been so dedicated to recognizing their contributions.

So, while Biden and company called for unity while still taking swipes at MAGA supporters, Trump met with the men and women that make a difference every single day… our first responders…

Trump also offered support for the new fight of the first responders, especially the police.

In Democrat-run cities, our police are handcuffed, unable to do their jobs while crime runs rampant.

As Trump left the local police district, he thanked the officers for “keeping us safe.”

He added, “I’ve been given so much support by the people who do what you do.

“We love the blue. I’ll say it loud.

“You know, you’re not supposed to say that. We love the blue.”

You can see more pictures from Trump’s visit on New York Post.

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19 Responses

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    2. Biden CAN be impeached if the Republicans enact the “War Measure Act” against him.
      With all the illegals coming in, they are a threat to National Security!

    1. John tell us one thing Biden has done for Our Country or We the people..President Trump loved Our Country and We the people. Oh and I am a Democrat. But got My eyes open. You need to get the hate out of Your heart.

  1. Trump visited the site and everyone loved it, Biden was told to stay away and everyone agreed. The huge contrast between a loved leader and a demented wanna-be dictator.

  2. You bet Trump is the only President to give a hoot about the average citizen. Shame on former President George W. Bush for joining the left in visiting ground zero on 2021. Guess he’s now a true lefty.

  3. G.W. BUSH actually made me sick to my stomach when he compared the worst terrorist attack in history to people exercising their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT. ALMOST 3,000 DIED O9 /11 HOW MANY DIED ON 1/6 1 VETERAN .SHE WAS KILLED BY USCP AGENT. BUSH CHEAPEND HIS PRESIDENCY BY DOING THAT HE MADE LIGHT OF THE 20 YR WAR HE CREATED. WE SHOULD

  4. Trump won this stolen election fair and square and will always be my President.
    God bless all our first responders and our courageous military for keeping us safe everyday.
    I hope to see President Trump back in 2024 to lead us back to prosperity and freedom in this the greatest country in the world.
    God.bless the United States of America.

  5. I was sad to see that former Presidents & Spouses seemed to be using the 9/11/2001 Slaughter of approximately 3,000 Innocent People, for a DEM Political Stunt, that was in bad taste.
    One can not excuse the once GOP President G.W. Bush, becoming a BORN AGAIN LIBERAL DEM. He sounded like a Hard-Core DEM/ PRO-Islamist ADVOCATE.
    Biden & the rest of his Ilk were no Surprise as they Ranted against at least half of the American Citizens, but G.W. Is a Raw Saboteur, undermining our Republic, hiding under his title of “FORMER President .

    1. Bush is a strong advocate of One World Order, which unfortunately wasn’t made public until he was out of office. He has indeed become a hard core Dem and maybe he always was.

  6. Wow! I love this! But actually, I’m not surprised. Our President Trump is the greatest president and we need him. He loves the American people, especially all our first responders, police officers, firemen, emergency workers, and our military. It made me very happy to see him there with y’all and it didn’t surprise me. He loves you and respects you all❣️

  7. I listened to President Trump at his surprise visit to the police and fire department personnel in new york. Everyone has so much respect for president Trump.I hope he runs in 2024. He will have my vote. He is one tough, smart guy. Best President we have ever had.

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