Trump Takes Down Photo with PA State Police After Pushback

Donald Trump just did something I never thought he would do.

He allowed a group to pressure him to remove something from his online account.

After he received pushback for a photo with PA State Troopers, the photo was removed from his Truth Social account.

Did Trump Cave?

The photo was first posted to Trump’s account after his Save America rally in Pennsylvania.

As often happens at these events, law enforcement gets a picture with Trump.

A former DC Officer who was working on January 6 started the pushback.

Michael Fanone, a CNN contributor and former Washington, D.C. police officer, stated, “Professionally? It’s unprofessional. It’s improper. … Personally? Those two or three dozen Pennsylvania state troopers, from the bottom of my heart, can go f*** all the way off.”

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn added that the photo was “unacceptable.”

He further stated, “It alienates a lot of people.”

This led to the PA State Troopers making a statement saying that the photo “was not officially sanctioned or disseminated by the Pennsylvania State Police.”

The photo was then removed from Trump’s Truth Social page without explanation.

I honestly cannot ever remember Trump caving to pressure like this.

Could this be the new Trump that is hoping to dial it down a bit or was it some other reason?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Just the News

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58 Responses

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    1. Correct…RESPECT…no longer considered moral
      The demonRats do not have respect for we the people still thinking we kill, maim, burn, murder
      They forgot who did the real kill, murder burn thing
      ANTIFA and the BLM…plus those who followed them as cult followers as well
      After liberal came in the trump group found quite opposite of what the individual been taught about us, that person had a total different picture of the trumpers
      They got it ALL WRONG….

    2. Heck, Biden can have soldiers standing on the stage beind him during a political event and that is fine, but a picture of Trump with Troopers is not.

          1. I don’t think those Marines at the Biden rally believed that they would be used. I don’t know if he ever apologized to them for using them either.

        1. True that!! But, since when has Beijingjoe ever done anything “according to code”, OR even “according to law”?

      1. There were no soldiers standing behind him as someone was videotaping it and the soldiers never showed on the video, they lie like a rug!

    3. Agreed 100%, but we know some people like to make everything about Trump, look bad.
      Maybe they need to start being active people when Biden is sitting behind a desk deciding that defunding our dedicated officers (and letting the thugs go, which target them daily), is a good idea. The real working officers of today are some of the strongest people on Earth to stand up even when not supported and help and protect the public.

      1. First did Trump remove photos or did someone else. Second were photos removed to protect the officers and their families from the crazy s. I do not believe Trump would have, I do believe Trump would protect and shield others from harm

    4. It could have been one higher up on Pa. Police Force had it done to people find ways to lousy mouth Trump to make him look bad. That is what I believe

    5. I think if people is worried about a picture when we have all this going on in the world ,then they got too much time on their hands ,and they’re a stupid bunch of donkeys, I wonder what they would have done if they had gone through half as much as Trump. if Trump took a picture down it was not because he caved it was out of respect for someone or something, do you people honestly think that after all he’s been through he’s going to cave over a picture.He is giving his all to try and save this country.and if we had more men like him , he wouldn’t have to work so hard

    6. I fully agree, Trump is not the evil monster the left tells you he is, he’s one of the good guys just trying to save our country from one world order; I would hope all Americans, no matter what party they claim, would want our country out of the hands of the left as they are so evil and full of hate!

  3. I personally think that a photo of Trump with a PA State Trooper is OK. He has his picture taken with all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons. If they want a picture of him, he is OK with it. So if the the Capital Police Officer, Harry Dunn says it is not exceptable, then the only reason is he must be a Liberal or an idiot.

    1. What’s the big deal..? Removing the photo is ok but only if a person in the photo objects or is offended. That’s only proper. But my question is …..what does the Capital police have anything to do with anything. That organization has a lot to answer for and they are refusing to come clean about it. Sooooo….f^^k the Capital police and keep the photo posted.

      1. Yeah these Capitol Police need to be held accountable for the 2 women that they MURDERED on Jane 6th in this so called nothing insurrection, BS. How about every Trump supporter signing a petition to have these 2 Capitol police officers held ACCOUNTABLE for these ladies MURDERS. One was shot and the other one was beat to death by these so called POS Capitol Police POS…

  4. For those two former policemen I feel sorry for you two when you disparage your fellow policemen like you just did. Who are you to judge them. Remember this is still the USA and freedom of speech so they can do as they please and they are protecting a Former President.

  5. There was absolutley nothing wrong about Trump’s photo with the PA Troopers.

    The problem is with the dirt bag DC cops who participated in the set-up on 6 Jan. These slime bags suck. They are part of problems that make DC a crime ridden ghetto.

  6. Same old BS, no doubt a sick Harry Dunn has an ax to grind so he jumps on the Democrat hayride to attack Trump. Hard to believe that people like Dunn can get so emotional looking at a photograph- perhaps he should grow a thicker skin.

  7. I hope the reason it was removed was out of respect for the PA State Troopers. This is just another woke idiot who thinks because he said it, and he’s a liberal, he is right and everyone else is wrong. It should be ok for Donald Trump or anyone else to take picture with people. If those people are part of the Ku Klux Klan or any other disgusting organization (BLM, etc.) like it, then maybe people have a right to complain.

  8. Hope the officers in the picture were not getting death threats.
    Had to be a good reason for Trump to take down. He would not wimp out.

  9. It’s a shame that other Police Department’s are so far left that they need a chain to pull them out! ( Brandon’s) butt! Even after he cuts and defunds there department’s!They still stand with the Demarats! I can’t believe the shape this country has gotten in in such a short time!
    Never in my life have I been more ashamed of my country ! I am a veteran,I volunteered in 1979,when most did not! Was in for six year’s! proudly serving my country as my great,great grand father’s did! They are rolling in there Graves!

    1. Thank you for your service. Also I am in complete agreement with you. I also wonder if we will be set upon by some of Bidens 87,000 new IRS agents willing to use deadly force using the billions of dollars worth of guns and ammo that he wants to keep out of the hands of law abing citizens.

  10. I am sure trump had a good reason for removing the photo, but whether he had a good reason, a bad reason or no reason at all, it is his business!
    As far as dunn is concerned, he is an idiot and can F************off!

  11. I personally do not think this is caving to political pressure, but rather respect for our uniformed heroes. The left wing maniacs have so much media influence that it would vilify them in the eyes of many (shameful to say the least, but undoubtably true). TRUMP is a GOOD man and would not want that under any circumstances. What has/is being done to TRUMP by the left is shameful on every level. All presidents of this great nation should be respected and dignified – allowed to take pictures with anyone without this type of negativity.
    This world we live in has been filled full of hate a divisiveness that is wholly driven by the extreme leftist politicians, media and a small portion of the population.

  12. I think Trump was more worried that the troopers may face problems and out of respect for them he took it down. After what is happening to some of his other supporters, he did not want these troopers careers harmed. Democrats don’t care who they harm if they can pull a gotcha on Trump; he does care.

  13. I can understand this
    As a teacher, I never discussed my political beliefs with my students because I was there to teach ALL children. Policemen are here to serve everyone.

  14. This is how I look at it. Those PA State Troopers wanted a picture with President Trump, and they got it. They didn’t want one with Sleepy Joe.

  15. President Trump has a reason for everything he does. I predict we will see something down the line regarding the picture and a statement regarding same.

  16. Michael Fanone and Harry Dunn you are unacceptable. Anything that supports the Police should be shown . But you two are the reason we should defund some police . We do not want Police officers like you, America wants Police officers with Honor.

  17. I think the President Trump is ready to run in 2024 so he is dialing it down a bit so to keep everybody happy. If he runs again I bet the police will back him, just not the DC police.

    1. I think the government should move out of D.C. It is the swamp that President Trump showed us. It will never be fair to a conservative

  18. I don’t think he took it down because he “caved”. I think Donald Trump took it down out of respect for the troopers, to prevent any problems for *them* because he is a decent human being.

  19. I will be glad when We get to see the DC cops picture in Prison. Just the Liars and the Corrupt ones. So I guess maybe two or three are safe.

  20. I see nothing wrong with State Troopers showing respect for a former President of the United States. We’ve gone way overboard with what citizens and/or law enforcement officers can or cannot do in normal situations.

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