Trump Threatens to Release FULL ’60 Minutes’ Interview Tapes After ‘Fake News’ Report

There are numerous conflicting reports over the “60 Minutes” interview President Trump did with Leslie Stahl.

CNN reported that Trump had stormed out of the interview, while the Trump camp says that is far from what happened.

Now, Trump’s campaign is threatening to release the entire unedited version of the incident to prove just how manipulating today’s media is being toward his candidacy.

The Interview

By all accounts, the interview was a bit contentious.

This is more than likely sheer frustration on the part of Trump, who gets grilled by the media while Joe Biden gets asked questions like “what flavor milkshake did you get?”

The mainstream media has all but ignored the Hunter Biden email scandal and the story has been censored on social media.

It is very clear there are two different standards when Trump and Biden are questioned, which appears to be at the heart of why Trump allegedly ended the interview.

As mentioned above, there are numerous versions about what happened, from the interview running too long to Trump storming out, the latter of which is being reported by CNN.

The Pushback

After the reports surfaced, Trump immediately pushed back…

Trump also took a shot at Stahl for not wearing a mask after the interview was over…

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller also threatened to release the unedited tapes…

It’s just more negative press orchestrated by the mainstream media against Trump while they continue to give Joe Biden a free pass, even though Biden is actually the one facing what could be the political scandal of the decade, if not the century.

If those emails are authentic, this could wipe Watergate right off the map.

Sources: CNN, New York Post, & The Blaze

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