Trump to DeSantis: Big Mistake!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now in the business of endorsing candidates.

He picked a doozy to start, giving Joe O’Dea his full endorsement.

O’Dea is running for a Senate seat in Colorado.

Big Mistake

O’Dea is behind in his race, and Donald Trump would like it to stay that way.

Even though O’Dea is a Republican candidate, he is already on record saying that he will “actively campaign against” Donald Trump.

In the same breath, he offered his support for others in the party, including DeSantis.

Trump responded on Truth Social, posting, “A BIG MISTAKE!”

DeSantis did a robocall for O’Dea, which he touted on social media after it went live…

Trump has urged his supporters to avoid O’Dea, stating, “MAGA doesn’t Vote for stupid people with big mouths.”

The comment was not taken favorably by party leadership, believing Trump is putting his personal needs ahead of the party’s ability to gain congress.

Source: Washington Examiner