Trump to Hold Dinner with Top Republicans After FBI Raid

The timing of a meeting with a group of Republicans headed by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) could not have been better.

Banks, who heads the Republican Study Committee, is leading a group from the GOP caucus to meet Trump in Bedminster, NJ, at his club.

While the dinner had already been scheduled, I would expect a plan of attack will now be on the agenda as a response to the FBI raid at Trump’s Florida home.

Take It Back

Banks is a big supporter of Donald Trump’s, and I would think some big plans will be made at this dinner to get control back of the government.

One source close to Trump stated, “If he wasn’t running before, he is now.

“It pisses him off that they can do this to him.

“One way to get it to stop is to control the government again.”

From this point on, I will operate under the premise that Trump will be running regardless of whether he declares before the 2022 cycle is over.

Banks, on the dinner meeting, stated, “We fully endorse the Trump agenda, and we’ll be having a conversation with him soon about ways that we can work together to advance it.”

While the Senate is very much up in the air, there is little doubt that the Republicans will take over the House.

That being the case, it will be the House where investigative work will need to be done to expose Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and quite possibly the FBI now that it has been politicized.

I would also suspect actions to be taken against Merrick Garland and Secretary Mayorkas, even though those particular individuals will be safe as long as Democrats maintain control of the Senate.

Source: The Hill

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