Trump Vows NOT to Make Hillary’s 2016 Mistake

During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton made an epic mistake that President Trump has vowed not to duplicate.

Politicians have a habit of taking voters for granted when they have won their districts or states handily in the past.

It is a mistake that Hillary made when she just blatantly ignored states during the campaign, but it is one that Donald Trump says he will not duplicate in 2020.

Hitting the Road

We are less than three weeks away from election day and we expect Trump to be on the road just about every night after he wraps up work.

There are several states that Trump won handily in 2016 and has a big lead in now.

There are also states he won where the race is tight… and they are all going to get a visit from the President in the coming weeks.

Already this week, Trump has visited Florida, Pennsylvania, and Iowa, all states he notched in 2016.

On Thursday, Trump is scheduled to hit North Carolina, then head to both Florida and Georgia on Friday.

North Carolina is going to be a tough battle, as we are also seeing in the congressional race.

On Thursday, Trump will actually be competing with Kamala Harris, so we will have to keep an eye on turnout at both events.

The Polling

Polling today is almost identical to what Trump faced in 2016, which is why his campaign is not overly worried about the hole the media is putting him in.

We have all seen how many people are turning out at Trump rallies and how many are showing up for Biden.

There is also the fact the mainstream media seems to be playing on a much more level playing field over the last week.

For instance, the media has turned on Pelosi regarding the stimulus as well as really going after Biden for calling Barrett’s nomination and confirmation unconstitutional.

The Hunter Biden, story, however, has been censored by Twitter and Facebook and is barely being looked at outside of alternative media and Fox News.

If that hard-drive data gets validated, though, they will have no choice but to cover it and it should hurt Biden significantly without nearly enough time to recover.

It will also paint a very corrupt picture of every committee and law enforcement agency that had allegedly investigated these reports already.

If Hunter Biden was selling access and Joe Biden knew about it, it should end him and lead to a second term for Donald J. Trump.

Even if it does not register with the voters in this country, or at least enough of them to keep Biden out of the White House, Biden could be staring down the barrel of an impeachment as soon as he sits down at the Resolute Desk, which would all but ensure Democrats of getting kicked right back out in 2024.

Source: Fox News  

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The RNC would not be the same without Moe. It’s an honor to celebrate his 80th birthday & dedicate an office in the building for Moe.

We are forever grateful for his heartfelt dedication – there will always be a home for Moe at the RNC. Happy Birthday!

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