Trump Vows to Block McConnell If He Wins Second Term

For most of Donald Trump’s presidency, he and Mitch McConnell got along fine. 

That relationship changed dramatically after the election. 

Between fighting the election results to the riot, McConnell was done with Trump.  

That feeling, rest assured, is mutual.  

No Longer the Leader 

If Trump wins, he is going to have to have a leader that he can work with, and that surely will not be McConnell.  

There has been a lot of speculation about about what would happen if Trump won, from McConnell stepping down as leader to retiring early.  

Trump chimed in, stating, “It’s crazy what’s happening with this debt ceiling.  

“Mitch McConnell keeps allowing it to happen.  

“I mean, they ought to impeach Mitch McConnell if he allows that. 

“Frankly, something has to be — they have something on him.  

“How he approves this thing is incredible.”   

Now, you guys know I have no love lost for McConnell, but I don’t think Trump will get his wish as far as an impeachment.  

I can, however, see McConnell stepping back from leadership role .

The challenge, however, would be to get a leader in that position that has the respect of the senate but that also supports the MAGA agenda.  

Source: Fox News