Trump Wants Swalwell Removed from House Intelligence Committee for False Report

This week, a report surfaced from CNN that Rep. Gaetz (R-FL) had requested and been denied a meeting with Donald Trump.  

As soon as the report surfaced, both Trump and Gaetz push back on the report as fake news.  

Now, Trump has Rep. Swalwell (D-CA) on his radar and is demanding he be removed from the House Intelligence Committee for having been compromised by an alleged Chinese operative.  

Fake News 

After the CNN report surfaced, which appears to have been based on all anonymous sources, Trump went ballistic 

He stated, “Fake News CNN, relying on all anonymous sources, meaning they probably made the whole thing up, wrote a very dishonest story claiming Congressman Matt Gaetz asked for a meeting with me at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, and was denied.  

“This is completely false.” 

Trump then flipped the script on CNN, demanding they investigate a real story, such as Rep. Swalwell’s little rendezvous with an alleged Chinese operative.  

Trump stated, “Why doesn’t CNN investigate and write about lightweight Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell, who had a torrid and physical relationship with the Chinese spy Fang-Fang, but is somehow on the once-prestigious House Intelligence Committee. 

“Swalwell, who ran for President and dropped out with a record-setting 0% in the polls, has been compromised and is a national security threat to the United States — he should be removed from the Committee immediately!” 

Swalwell continues to play innocent on those allegations and Democrats have refused to take any action against him at all. 

In the meantime, Gaetz is facing regular calls for his resignation even though the investigation has not yet been completed into the allegations made against him.  

The good news for Gaetz in all of this is that Trump seems to be remaining by his side on this, which is much more than he can say about anyone else in the party.  

Few, if any, of his fellow Republicans have stood up for Gaetz, while some very prominent names have been quite critical, with several calls for his resignation.  

As I stated before, however, we will not make a call on this until the full investigation has been conducted and we know facts rather than speculation.  

Source: Washington Examiner 

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26 Responses

      CALVARY AND CAVALRY during the fiasco called PRESIDENT TRUMP’S
      second IMPEACHMENT!!!
      Calvary is a very holy place for many while Cavalry is a military term!

  1. 100% of the Dems need to be charged with Treason and face life in prison without a chance for parole in the action of committing fraud in the 2020 elections. Those that funded BLM, ANTIFA, and the Fraudulent Election should be charged with the same results!

    1. My opinion is that the Dummorats are doing the same thing to Matt Gaetz that they did to President Trump! They made up lies just to try to get him out of office….and of course the media followed suit! I’m hoping that Americans are wise to them by now!

  2. Mike Pence should not be allowed to run for the 2024 Presidential elections because he is a turn coat. Mike Pence is a two faced politician and sold out Donald J. Trump.

    1. Mike Pence was on the phone to Harris as soon as Trump left after the election..I don’t know what was said, but why would he be calling Harris?

  3. I agree. Swalwell needs to go. He is a threat to our National Security. Between Biden’s closeness with China and COVID-19 (germ warfare) our National Security is being compromised. We need President Trump back in office now!

  4. The corrupt California Club (Swamp Queen Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein and a few more) can do no wrong. Pelosi doesn’t have the integrity to do the right thing. She is too busy wasting tax dollars on frivolous nonsense. She is the most corrupt power drunk politician to ever hold the office of the Speaker of the House.

    1. there is only one thing to do ,tie pignosys hands behind her back and she will not be able to talk.she must be drunk in the morning when she puts her make – up on she runs them down to her cheeks

  5. Swalwell and all left wing communist democrats with him. This includes Biden, his Juarez whore VP, Pelosi, and Schumer to name a few.

  6. Agree with all posts! Piglosi has to go! Vacate the speaker’s chair, remove Piglosi from congress, then impeach Biden, Harris, and schumer, along with the entire Biden cabinet. They are all obama’s People!

  7. After what I have been hearing and reading–I find that the democratic and the commies are the same. I also, found that the Russians-Chinese-Cuba and the Venezuelan’s to name a few–are backing the Biden committee –and they are in for getting our country’s next. Time to short term Mr. Biden.

  8. Members of The Squad have been openly dissenting against some of the legislation that Joe Biden has put forth so far.

    This is not sitting well with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

    Pelosi is now openly calling out The Squad, telling them “You’re not a one-person show.” Is the woman crazy or just smart as a brick?

  9. Members of The Squad have been openly dissenting against some of the legislation that Joe Biden has put forth so far. This is not sitting well with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Pelosi is now openly calling out The Squad, telling them “You’re not a one-person show.” Does she think she is? Members of The Squad have been openly dissenting against some of the legislation that Joe Biden has put forth so far. I openly dissent against everything Biden & Pelosi has done!

  10. BiDumb should be removed from the office that he illegally obtained through illegal vote counts.
    There has been a recent Internet Post of (an obvious ‘pasteup’/Photoshop image), of BiDumb, with facemask on, overlooking what appears to be Arlington Ntl. Cemetery, THANKING THE HEADSTONES FOR VOTING FOR HIM (BiDumb)! THAT image says it all !!!

  11. There are Political appointments in the Government and most(not all) have no clue as to what is happening . Those under them actually do all the work

  12. Imagine trump calling out someone for being a national security risk, the person who does not receive a daily national security report as an x President.

  13. Gaetz stands up to the democrats and that scares cowards like Romney and McConnell. If republicans would unite and stand up for one another, the democrats would not get away with all there lies and hate against them. The democrats support and engage in violence and the republicans just take it

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