Trump Will Appear at Pro-life Summit with Other Notable Republicans

One of the biggest pro-life events of the year is taking place right now. 

The Susan B. Anthony List’s Pro-Life Leaders Summit is a mainstay in the Republican Party if one is to win the nomination. 

Among those appearing over the two-day summit will be Donald Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis, and Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.). 

All the Contenders 

What will happen in 2024 is still a mystery to all of us, but the players are now starting to form at the top.  

President Trump is still unclear what path he will take, as this will more than likely depend upon his legal issues being settled or not.  

Democrats and liberal DAs continue to fire at Trump from all angles to keep him off the ticket in the next election, so it remains to be seen if he will be able to run or not.  

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a gimme at this point as either a primary candidate or Trump’s possible VP if Trump decides to go for a third run at office.  

The new rising star of the party, Senator Tim Scott, will also be attending the event. 

Scott gave a blistering rebuttal to Joe Biden’s speech which drew out the liberal racist trolls in the country.  

The reaction to his speech could not have been worse for Democrats.  

The SBA List, whose “mission is to end abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders,” always plays a role in picking the party favorites, and the upcoming election will be no different.  

We should note that Scott was given the keynote position, not Trump or DeSantis, so that could give a bit of an outlook on where this group stands regarding the possible top of the ticket.  

We know this… Dems will be recording every word, hoping to launch an attack at every speaker at this event, especially Scott and Trump.  

Source: Fox News 

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18 Responses

    1. It’s going to really upset this corrupt Administration when they see the THOUSANDS of people who will come out to see President Trump. Biteme is lucky if he only gets 10 people to show up for him.

  1. Would be great to have a President Trump again MAGA, along with 2 VPs, Scott & DeSantis!
    And bring back Trump administration appointees!
    Just saying. . .

  2. IF, the DAMOCRITS would spend MUCH MORE Time trying to improve the USA, Rather than putting Everyone/Everything Else DOWN, The U S of A, would be in FAR BETTER SHAPE !!!

  3. The Millions of Americans supporting Trump will highly upset the Corrupt Democrats, Americans have had enough off these rats putting us all last yet taking our tax dollars to fill their pockets. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! TRUMP ALL THE WAY ! HE KNOWS HOW TO LEAD AND SAVE AMERICA THE ONLY ONE SO STAND UP FOR TRUMP AMERICA !

  4. God is standing right beside Pres. Trump…He will help him when the time is right….America is his baby…and if the USA goes down all the world will go down…Think about it…even Leaders who don’t like Pres. Trump really want him back as Pres…They know he has a good BRAIN…!!!

  5. More & more Democrats are coming to the Republican Party every day. Thank you God for allowing them to open their eyes and ears and see & hear truth. I pity those who without knowledge or who do not even vote but think Biden is doing just fine. They have no idea that they are helping the satanic movement against their children. Very frightening but God is in charge and those who know and believe in him are joyful!

  6. If HR1 gets past there is no question what will happen in 2024. Democrats will do another clean sweep and still hold Congress and the White House and more Republican seats will be lost. By the end of the decade we will have a one party government.

  7. Agree with all posts. Republicans need to toughen up, fight fire with fire. Stop letting demonrats run roughshod over us. Tim Scott told it like it is, De Santis takes NO guff. They are what every republican should strive to be. It is time for Republicans to battle like our lives depend upon it, because they do. And—- get the rinos out, they do not stand with us and take up seats in congress and senate that true patriots should be in.

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