Trump Will Highlight Border Wall During Final Week

Right now, President Trump is hoping to have something that will flip this news cycle for him.

Old reliable for Trump is and always has been his stance on immigration.

He will go to that well one more time this week, traveling to Texas to celebrate the completion of roughly 450 miles of border wall during his administration.

Going Out on a High Note

One of the very first promises Trump made was that he would rebuild and extend the wall along the southern border.

Even with the challenges Trump has had in fighting Democrats, President Trump still managed to get the funding to rebuild broken sections of the wall, replace it with a far better wall, and add new sections of wall to the border.

Trump is hoping to get some momentum back by highlighting this during his last week in office.

A Trump official stated, “President Trump is expected to travel to Alamo, Texas, on Tuesday to mark the completion of more than 400 miles of border wall — a promise made, promise kept — and his Administration’s efforts to reform our broken immigration system.”

This is rather remarkable considering that only 100 miles of wall had been built at the beginning of 2020.

It is far short of the 800 miles Trump wanted to be built, but the border is clearly more secure today than it was only four years ago.

Delivering on Promises

How Trump will be received by history remains to be seen, but there is no doubt this will be one of the more polarizing presidencies our country has ever seen.

For the most part, Trump delivered on his promises that were made during the 2016 campaign season.

Promises that were not delivered on had very good reasons for not succeeding, such as obstructionist Democrats and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The knock against Trump will always be that he chose the wrong words in the worst possible scenarios, creating such hostility on the left that above all else, they just want him purged forever.

Nikki Haley addressed the RNC several days ago and more or less hit the nail on the head.

This presidency has achieved some great things for conservatives, but that will more than likely not be Trump’s legacy.

In fact, if Democrats have their way, there will be no Trump legacy, as they seemingly plan to impeach him when the new session begins whether he is in office or not.

If successful, Trump will never be able to run for public office again and it is assumed that he would lose all honors post-presidency that one is usually entitled to.

It will be a crushing blow to a man that was both loved and hated equally during his time in office.

Source: Fox News

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