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Trump ‘Will Not Even Consider’ Renaming Military Bases

Recent events have once again shined a light on the role the confederacy played in shaping this country.

With top military officials recently conceding they would be open to renaming bases named after Confederate Generals, President Trump seems very confident it will not happen on his watch.

With public opinion on this matter so mixed, this could become a political hot potato during the upcoming election.

Not Happening

Confederate figures have recently become a very hot potato in this country.

Ironically, nobody seemed to have a problem with Confederate statues, schools, roads, etc. until Trump became president.

President Obama was in office for eight years and neither he nor Joe Biden did anything to have such representations removed during their time in office.

Now, though, Democrats and the media are leading a charge to have any trace of the confederacy removed from the public eye.

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When U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper were asked about renaming bases such as Ft. Hood, both seemed willing to at least listen to proposals, the complete opposite of the stance being taken by Trump…


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Political Hot Potato

There are numerous camps of opinion on what should be done about Confederate figures being featured in statues and/or having their names on buildings in this country.

Some of these figures shaped our country and some fought bravely for the United States Army before the Civil War broke out.

There are those that dismiss some of the racist actions as a sign of the times, others feel as though they are a distinguished part of our history, and others want them banned from anything and everything associated with this country, while still others want them considered to be traitors to this country.

Are these the types of names that should be honored forever by having bases named after them or is doing so advocating racism?

Not an easy area to address when there are so many so deeply invested on either side of this issue.

President Trump maintains that is the name of the base that encapsulates its place in history, but retired Army General David Petraeus has a different outlook.

He recently stated, “Once the names of these bases are stripped of the obscuring power of tradition and folklore, renaming the installations becomes an easy, even obvious, decision.”

Honestly, even the right answer is probably the wrong answer here because you are going to have outrage on one side regardless of the decision that is made.

With today’s PC climate and racial issues at the forefront of this news cycle, the renaming of these bases seems imminent.

If it does not happen on Trump’s watch, it will probably happen the next time Democrats get majority power in Congress or regain the White House, so is this a battle Trump should dig in to fight considering the possible political consequences or does he give in and come off as weak by his base?

As stated previously, there is just no easy answer to this conundrum because regardless of the decision, roughly half the country is going to disagree with the final decision.

Sources: American Military News & Forbes

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