REPORT: Raid Made Up Trump’s Mind on 2024

It is a safe bet that Donald Trump, barring legal complications, will be running in 2024.

Even though the raid was a political tool to stop Trump from running for office, he was upbeat during a Tuesday night dinner with Republican House members.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) stated that Trump was very “fired up” during their dinner meeting.

Ready to Go

If Trump was not going to run before, I firmly believe that raid changed his mind.

He will be out for blood, ready to expose the political machine that works at the behest of Democrats.

Banks, on the meeting with Trump, stated, “He didn’t seem defeated in the least bit — he was very fired up, very upbeat.”

The dinner meeting had already been planned, but I am sure the agenda changed once Trump’s home was raided.

Banks also told Fox News, “He said we are going to like his decision and it is only a matter of time before he will make that decision known.”

The only way Trump can be stopped at this point is with legal blockades.

If the raid netted any material that should have been returned to National Archives, a case can be made that he broke federal laws and he would be banned from ever running for office again.

Trump does not seem worried about that, so if the raid came up empty, they have surely added fuel to the Trump movement and all but guaranteed him a win in 2024.

Source: New York Post

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9 Responses

  1. I would not be surprised if those who were ripping apart Trump’s home didn’t plant something that was illegal for Trump to have not returned to the Oval Office. This group looks the other way when it comes to the deals Joe and Hunter have made with China, Russia, and who knows what other countries. The “Big” guy got a 10% cut on the oil deal Hunter made with oil countries over there and I would not be surprised if this is why Biden killed our domestic oil supplies!

  2. I fully believe they have just publicly declared war on the United
    states Of America. If they will do this to a president of the Us do
    you honestly believe anybody is safe? The dems officially and once
    again has shown distain and total disrespect the the common person.
    Fight back people do not let them get away with another theft

  3. the communist democrats are doing this “in your face” thing, like they have all the power. It is my contention that they already have the midterms RIGGED and the hell with the way we vote.
    He who votes, counts for NOTHING, HE WHO COUNTS the votes, counts for everything!

  4. Donald B. Ludwig, I totally have this haunting feeling that they will use a “planted document” ! I totally agree with you ! satan sure is working overtime ! Anyhoo, TRUMP 2024 , I will never abandon Trump and/or his wife & family !

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, is it not true according to her Constitution when our government starts doing us this way that the people have the right to fire every one of them march on DC and fire every one of them

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