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Tucker Carlson Reveals New Biden Strategy to Beat Trump

The left has a very interesting strategy during this election, only the mainstream media won’t discuss it because they are behind it.

This week, a New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, has recommended Biden NOT debating Donald Trump unless certain demands are met.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson believes this is the new strategy that will be employed by the left: hide Biden, make demands too ridiculous to be met, and attack anyone that dares question what the left is doing.

Hiding Sleepy Joe

When the debate schedule was announced, the Trump campaign tried to get Joe Biden to agree to some rule changes.

Trump wanted six debates and he was hoping to have the format changed so the candidates could talk longer.

Biden, of course, refused and stated he would only do the three debates that were scheduled and would only do them according to rules already in place.

Friedman, however, thinks Biden should hold out to get the terms he wants or outright refuse to debate Trump.

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He believes Trump should have to turn over his tax returns and allow for real-time fact-checkers during the debate.

This, according to Tucker Carlson, is all part of the strategy to help hide Joe Biden from the public and not show him off until election day.

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Attack, Attack, Attack

Democrats and the media are also going to protect Joe Biden by attacking the right any time they dare to challenge Joe Biden.

If you watch a Kayleigh McEnany, she answers the question, then counterpunches.

The Biden camp and liberals today just go immediately to the counterpunch without actually ever addressing the issue.

Carlson touched on this point as well, stating, “When you criticize them, they won’t engage with you. They don’t bother to rebut your point. They attack you.

“Joe Biden himself attacked this show today, in fact.

“He didn’t respond to the questions that we raised, he just called us names and then his minions tried to pull us off the air.”

The really sad thing about this is the younger generation is buying into this tactic… all you need to do is look up videos of ANTIFA members and protesters over the last month.

They don’t engage, they just scream and yell to try to get you to submit to their line of thinking.

All we can do is keep pushing the truth out to people so they see what is happening because we know one thing for sure, today’s mainstream media is not interested in engaging people or even telling the truth.

All they want is Trump out of office and the media will do just about anything to make that happen, including protecting Joe Biden and lying to the American people.

Source: Fox News

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