Tucker Carlson: Soviet-style Suppression of Information

Tucker Carlson is one of the few members of the media that has taken the Hunter Biden laptop story seriously from the very beginning.

Carlson actually delivered a bombshell whistleblower, Tony Bobulinski, that should have garnered national headlines.

Instead of investigating the story, the media is simply ignoring it because it would hurt Joe Biden, which, as Carlson states, is the equivalent of having state-run media now in the United States.

State-run Media

Carlson is right in everything he is saying.

What is worse, however, is that so many Americans are willing to accept this silence as business as usual.

Carlson stated, “This is Soviet-style suppression of information of a legitimate news story days before an election. The ramifications of it are impossible to imagine.

“But we do know, the media cannot continue in the way that it has. No one believes the media anymore, and no one should.

“You should be offended by this, not because the media are liberal. But because this is an attack on our democracy. You’ve heard that phrase again and again. This is what it actually looks like.

“In a self-governing country, voters have a right to know, an obligation to know who they are voting for.

“In this case, they have the right to know if the Democratic nominee for President is a willing partner in his family’s lucrative influencing peddling operation, an operation that went on for decades and stretched from China and Ukraine, all the way to Oman, Romania, Luxembourg and many other countries.”

You can read more about this report on Breitbart.

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