Local Baseball Games Turns Deadly in Atlanta

This weekend, a baseball game at a local recreational center in Atlanta turned deadly.

When police arrived on the scene, they found six people that had been shot.

Among the victims was a 6-year-old child.

Deadly Game

The game was being played at the Dunbar Recreational Center inside Rosa L. Burney Park on the city’s southwest side.

All six victims were transported to a local hospital after first responders arrived.

Two of the victims have now passed away.

A friend of one of the victims stated, “I know that he is a father and his kids are going to miss him, so we want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to any other father or child.”

She was speaking of Rashad Rogers.

The second fatality, April Sparks, passed away on Monday.

The six-year-old child was listed in critical condition at the last update.

Atlanta Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. stated, “What we know so far is that there was some type of baseball, softball game ongoing, and some type of argument ensued and next thing you know, there was an exchange of gunfire.”

He continued, “As we’ve said countless times,” Hampton said, “we’re just asking the citizens just to find a way to resolve conflict without weapons.

“We’re just asking people to step away, we’re asking people just to let bygones be bygones.

“Any time that we have any tragedy like this – any death is a tragedy – then as we have kids that are also involved … this is not a place for gunplay. So, we’re just asking everyone to leave the guns at home.”

Local police have circulated pictures of a person of interest, but nobody has been taken into custody for the shootings as of this report.

Source: The Blaze

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17 Responses

  1. This violence has got to stop. You can’t take your children to a baseball game or send them to school or to the corner grocery and without praying they came back. Baseball of all places. You cannot resolve these conflicts with someone who believes they’re right and they have an illegal weapon hidden away.

      1. Well Jeffery I concede, you are right people are the problem and we know just who those “people” are now don’t we!

    1. Colleen, did you ever stop to think that the weak-minded have been influenced into HATING anyone who doesn’t agree with them? If they didn’t have a gun, they would have a knife. If they didn’t have a knife, they would break a bottle and use that. And if they didn’t have a bottle to break they would use their bare hands or bite the person like the animals they’ve become. All because of the liberal leftist DEMONrat politicians, their evil MSM mouth pieces, and activists who wake up in the morning looking for something or someone to hate.

      1. Eileen I live in Baltimore hell yes, I have stopped to think about it! I agree with you they are the weak minded and uneducated in life. This city is proof of that. They keep voting for the same smiling backstabbing people election after election because of the “promises” the devil tells them they will get. I wish the good Lord would open their eyes.

    2. Yes however, with ALL the people who were there and knew each other – WHY DO THEY CONTINUE ALLOWING THIS HAPPEN – – THEY KNOW WHO DID THIS and yet they say nothing??? No one was taping the game? Now days you do NOT have to identify yourselves but if you DO truly know…then SPEAK up or forever know yourself to be a COWARD and complacent in the death of a child and others!!! Don’t shame the dead by keeping quiet!

  2. It’s reached the point where people are afraid to go out to even sit on their porches because violence and murder has sadly become the “norm” and little to nothing is being done about it! Life has become more precious than ever before!

  3. Stop blaming the guns. Legal or unlawful. You should blame the person pulling the trigger. The gun didn’t shoot itself!!

    1. Thomas you are right people in today’s time with not a lot of money to get by because everything is double high priced and more people are going to untwine lose it .
      thanks Thomas

    1. I guess it’s OK if Warnock just moves from state to state get elected and after he screws that state up, he moves again. He was a problem for Maryland, but it was covered up. Left wing media is good at covering for their own!

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