Two Female Judges Reportedly at Top of Trump’s SCOTUS List

With the passing of Justice Ginsburg and no conservative women on the bench, most believe Trump will nominate a woman to the position.

Trump even gave up the tapes on this recently during his North Carolina rally over the weekend.

Trump stated, “It will be a woman — a very talented, very brilliant woman.

“I think it should be a woman.”

Should It Be a Woman?

I am not normally one to limit my options, but in this case, I think Trump is getting it right.

The liberal side of the bench currently has two women, while the conservative side is all men.

The last conservative woman to serve on the bench was Justice O’Connor who retired in 2006.

Bottom line, it’s time we put another conservative woman on the bench.

Of course, it goes without saying she also needs to be highly qualified.

Who Is on the List?

Of all the names on Trump’s list of 45 names, Judge Amy Coney Barrett and Judge Barbara Lagoa have surfaced as the frontrunners.

Judge Barrett is a former clerk for the late Justice Scalia, making her a true favorite for constitutional conservatives.

She is both catholic and pro-life, which will scare the hell out of the left.

She also believes in originalism, meaning that the Constitution is meant to be interpreted as written by our Founders, something else the liberals in this country will hate.

Judge Lagoa has far more judicial experience, which may make her the true frontrunner in this political environment.

When Trump nominated her to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, she breezed through her confirmation hearings, so there should not be much resistance unless Dems go political (which we all know they will).

Lagoa is also catholic and is of Cuban descent, which could help Trump with the Latino vote in the election.

The only real problem is that she will cross the aisle from time to time on decisions, which could scare some Republicans away from her.

Realistically, though, if Trump is going to get Democrats on board with a nomination, someone like Judge Barrett is going to get significant resistance whereas Lagoa seems more middle of the road and could find support among enough Democrats to get through.

Right now, this is all speculation, which will be ended later this week when Trump formally submits a name for approval.

Source: Fox News

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