Two Georgia Deputies Shot and Killed Serving Warrant

Today, our nation mourns the loss of two more officers.

Cobb County Sheriff’s Deputies Marshall Ervin, Jr. and Jonathan Koleski were both shot and killed Thursday night.

The deputies were serving a warrant when they came under fire.

Men of Integrity

Yet again, we have law enforcement gunned down in the line of duty.

After the two officers were gunned down, it resulted in a standoff that lasted nearly four hours.

Suspects Christopher Cook and Christopher Golden were eventually taken into custody.

According to Fox News, “Cook was charged with the alleged theft and Golden was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on an officer and murder.”

Between the two officers, they had 25 years of service, with Koleski also having served in the Army.

Ervin leaves behind two children.

Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens stated, “They were outstanding men, men of character and integrity, family men, loved by their family and kids.”

He added, “Our hearts are broken here in Cobb County.

“It’s a night of heartache for two families, two wives who have lost amazing husbands.”

The two officers never had a chance.

While attempting to serve the warrant, they knocked on the home’s door.

When it was apparent that nobody was home, they started to return to the vehicle when a car approached and opened fire on them.

This was either extremely lucky timing on the part of the suspects or they had been tipped off regarding the warrant.

The White House has made no statement on the murder nor expressed condolences to the officers’ families or fellow officers.

Source: Fox News

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Absolutely heartbreaking. We need to treat the poisoning of our children like the national security threat that it is.

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