Two Key Demographics Starting to Abandon Joe Biden, Flock to Trump

Most of us would agree that Trump did exceptionally well during the second debate.

Now that voters had time to let everything sink in, we are seeing just how good he really did.

Voters in Michigan are now swinging to Trump, and his approval rating among African Americans is starting to soar.

Trump is Back in Michigan

First, let’s talk about Michigan.

This is going to be a key battleground state that Trump is going to need if he hopes to win.

Just as he did in 2016, he needs to steal some of these blue states from Biden to get over the hump.

Trump has been trailing in Michigan for most of the race with a few small surges.

Well, he apparently had a pretty big surge in Michigan and all signs point to Trump now being at least tied with Joe Biden, if not in the outright lead…

Trump Surging with African American Voters

In a typical election, Democrats need to win about 90 percent or more of the African American vote to defeat the Republicans.

This year, it does not look like Joe Biden is going to get that.

In recent weeks, Joe Biden has made some racist gaffes and his crime bill has been getting ripped to shreds.

Black voters in this country are starting to realize that maybe Joe Biden is not the bill of goods they thought they were being sold.

Just as effective has been the Trump campaign in drilling home how much Donald Trump has done for minority communities during his first term.

Both of these messages are clearly starting to take hold…

Again, I don’t believe polls are the be-all, end-all, but I do think they are great for showing who has the momentum and how the country is leaning.

Right now, even in polls where Trump is losing, the momentum of this race has clearly shifted in his favor.

We know he made a huge run in the final weeks of 2016 and it appears as though he is poised to do the same again in the 2020 presidential election.

Source: Breitbart

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