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Two Staffers for Opponent of Rep. Ilhan Omar Shot, Teenager Killed

A rather disturbing report surfaced on Thursday that should have everyone sitting up and taking notice.

Two staffers working for GOP congressional hopeful Lacy Johnson were shot, one of them killed, in Minneapolis this week.

Johnson is the Republican hoping to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Where Are the Police?

Omar has been among those being very critical of the local police.

Oddly enough, while the City Council has voted to defund the police, they are now wondering where are the police…

Even though rioting has died down from its heights, the city is becoming more and more violent by the day, which brings us right to our next point.

Politically Motivated?

Police have ruled out political motivation being behind the shootings, but I would not be so quick to make that assumption.

The two individuals that were shot both worked for Johnson.

The one that was killed was only 17 years old and has been identified as Andre Conley.

The attack took place outside of a Minneapolis gas station and the two were not involved in political activity at the time, which is why the police believe the attack was not politically motivated.

We have not seen any reports that have linked either of the two victims to any other nefarious activity, which only leaves two options.

One… this was just a random attack, which, considering the violence in Minneapolis these days, is not entirely out of the question.

Two… someone spotted these two working for a Republican and decided to go after them when they found them to be vulnerable.

To be clear, I am not linking Omar to this murder, but I am saying that police should not be so quick to dismiss the possibility that a lunatic liberal went after these two specifically because their boss is trying to unseat a member of the uber-progressive Squad from Congress.

You can read more about this attack on Fox News.

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