Two-star Air Force General Guilty of Sexual Misconduct

For the first time ever, a United States Air Force General has been found guilty of sexual misconduct.

Air Force Major General William Cooley has been convicted on sexual misconduct charges that stem from a 2018 incident.

The woman… his brother’s wife.

Disgusting Behavior

According to the report, Cooley was given a ride home after a BBQ in New Mexico.

He got a bit frisky with his sister-in-law, “forcing his tongue in her mouth, forcing her hand to his genitals, and pushing his hand between her legs, and cupping her breast.”

While Cooley was acquitted on the more serious charges, he was found guilty of forcing his tongue in her mouth.

What lies next for Cooley is uncertain.

He could lose his rank, pay, and benefits in a worst-case scenario.

Additionally, he also faces up to seven years in prison.

In this day and age of a very woke Secretary of Defense, it would not be surprising to hear that Austin made a phone call demanding the judge in the case throw the book at him.

Sources, however, have stated that loss of rank is probably not going to happen.

Source: Dayton Daily News

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14 Responses

  1. I am glad that Elon Musk purchase Twitter. I just would like to see every Woke Employee terminated for going against the U.S. Constitution which indicates “Freedom of Speech”! I would love to see Elon and many other multi billionaires that have conservative values buy out every corrupt news media organization.

    1. Also l would relish the idea that the media would be jailed or executed for lies and innuendo that is proven to be traitorous.
      Lock them all up starting with Congress and the media Swamp et al.

    2. Whole damned dem stench of biden, bo treason has to be “terminated” to stop the criminal attacks on U.S.A.’s Freedom , Rights & National Security ! The biden illegal foreigner invasion on U.S. is aiding & abetting enemies !

  2. I would love to see the media producing the Hollywood White women contributing to the trash they are stop publishing them. I think all of you know who I am commenting on. I consider them all sluts!

  3. What a bunch of crap !!!!! This is like cuomo being tried for kissing some women of the political world on the cheek while the murder of 15,000 elderly is ignored. This general is convicted of french kissing his sister-in-law but not of feeling her up. If he is guilty of 1 I’m sure he is guilty of them all. What a broke country.

  4. He should be kicked out of military service, serve time and no pension. He violated a sacred trust. His brother’s wife of all people. I wonder how his brother feels about all this?

  5. This guy is probably a friend of Clinton. He will more than likely be promoted to 3 stars and given a medial.

    1. Love your comment! My only question is why do things that so many years? Did she not complain immediately?

  6. Do not trust a single Democrat period!! I hope and pray NEVER to see them hold another
    government job!!!

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