Rep. Tom Reed Unexpectedly Resigns Office

A New York Republican has decided to move up his retirement.

Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) had already announced that he would not be seeking re-election after this term.

Allegations of sexual misconduct in 2017, however, have seemingly stepped up his timeline.

Gotta Go

Reed, on Tuesday, announced that he would be leaving office.

Just about ready to finish out his sixth term, he has decided to call it quits.

He stated, “After almost 12 years in Congress, today is my last day.

“It has been an honor to serve with you all from both parties.

“I love this institution, as it still exemplifies what is best about our government. We are the People’s House.

“While I am proud that we put people before politics, there is much more to do.

“I am leaving to continue that work and hope to have a greater impact on our country.”

Reed is reportedly joining the DC-based government affairs and public relations firm Prime Policy Group.

Reed has been accused of molesting a female lobbyist in 2017.

Nicolette Davis accused Reed of making unwanted sexual advances against her last year.

Reed apologized, stating, “Simply put, my behavior caused her pain, showed her disrespect and was unprofessional.

“I was wrong, I am sorry, and I take full responsibility.”

Reed’s seat should stay in the GOP, as he won re-election fairly easily, taking down 57.7 percent of the vote, which was far better than Trump did in the district during the 2020 election.

Source: New York Post

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17 Responses

  1. Someone actually admits their wrong and is sorry for it – how refreshing is that? None of us are perfect even though some appear to think they are. We should actively get him to stay as we need people with a conscience and who can admit mistakes.

  2. Tom Reed obviously isn’t “presidential” material since he can’t match our current president’s habit of playing the hot potato blame game.

  3. Thank god he’s leaving, he stated that our present institution, Congress and the Biden Administration is doing great

      1. Unfortunately FUNNY, but TRUE…….I’ve NEVER seen a time where just a VERY few in Washington, DC have a LITTLE backbone. We NEED TRUMP back. He does what he says and is truely for this country. Best President in my lifetime!

      2. Amen to that Brother Bill, amen to that! Only Hee-Haw was funny as all get out, this is a horror movie every damned day of the week!

  4. Please leave and take several felloe Pepbulicans with you. Term Limits

    Richard Bright

      1. GREAT IDEA……. put Biden and his stupid son in the front of the line. Then ALL of the other DEMONcrat…RATS immediately behind them and let’s not forget the Clintons and HuSANE Obama. They’re ALL a TOTAL DISGRACE and have done so much harm. Their day is coming!

  5. How does anyone know what President Trump did in Reeds district when ballots were changed and destroyed in 2020 election? One thing we know beyond a doubt the piss ant puppet, Joe Biden in the White House now DID NOT WIN THE 2020 ELECTION! He is a pompous, ignorant, traitor and that’s why they placed him in the WH because they can control him!

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