Unredacted Barr Memo Released, Both Sides Claim Victory

The DOJ memo explaining why obstruction of justice charges were not filed against Trump by then-Attorney General Bill Barr has finally been released.

As we would expect, both sides are claiming victory.

Left-leaning publications and groups are saying Barr protected Trump.

The right is saying that it vindicates no charge being filed.

Unpack It

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington immediately claimed victory…

The media also jumped on this to slap an obstruction charge on Trump…

CREW President Noah Bookbinder stated, “The memo is premised in large part on the argument that there was no underlying criminal conduct and that it’s hard to charge obstruction without an underlying crime.

“Of course that’s not what Mueller actually found. … Mueller found there was not sufficient evidence to charge Trump and others with conspiring with Russia.

“He didn’t find no crime, just not enough evidence for charges.”

Breitbart, however, took a different approach, running with a story that claimed Trump had been vindicated.

It reached this conclusion leaning on the fact that Barr assessed that Trump’s attacks were “motivated by legitimate frustration.”

The report continued, “Furthermore, the memo concluded that Trump could not be prosecuted for his statements about the investigation or criticisms of cooperating witnesses without intruding on the president’s authority to control the executive branch under the Constitution.”

The overall consensus at the time was that the DOJ would not prosecute Trump for having a temper tantrum.

The report noted that it “didn’t amount to the sort of case prosecutors would bring under their established standards.”

In essence, the release of the report has accomplished nothing but to give the left another reason to go after Bill Barr and claim that he politicized the DOJ, even though Merrick Garland has taken that to a whole new level by playing Biden’s wingman.

This document, in my opinion, will do little to sway anyone on either side of this argument.

Both sides, as noted above, will dig in believing the document proved them right.

Source: Breitbart & Washington Examiner

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