US Taxpayer Funds Supporting Sri Lankan Pronoun Program

You should all be proud.

Our tax dollars are making this world a better place by funding media ethics programs around the globe.

One of those programs is in Sri Lanka, where we are paying to have journalists use the right and non-offensive pronouns.

Out of Hand

The Media Empowerment for a Democratic Sri Lanka (MEND) project made a post this week called, “Gender Pronouns.”

It told Sri Lanken journalists to never “assume another person’s gender identity or their gender pronouns” and to “apologize if you called someone by the wrong pronoun.”

It also wants them to “normalize the sharing of gender pronouns by actively sharing your own” and to “avoid binary-gendered language such as ‘ladies and gentlemen.'”

It continues, “Using the correct pronoun when talking to someone is a way of showing your respect to the other person’s gender identity.

“Those who do not conform to the gender identities assigned by society and do not fit into the binary genders can face uncomfortable situations when interacting with others when they are referred to by the wrong pronoun.”

Money well spent… I feel so much better knowing money that could have been used to help veterans or the homeless was instead spent so that some whacko could explain to someone watching a video what the proper pronouns to use are.

Source: Fox News